The recent passing into law of the much disdained and criticised C.A.M.A law guiding religious bodies threw up so much talking points and the subsequent uproar in the Church leaves so much to be desired.
While there’s an obviously perceived hypocrisy on both sides of the divide; government and the religious leaders crying foul, one thing is certain, there’s an obvious misplacement of priority on the side of the Church.

PHOTO CREDIT: Google, Picture illustrating the story

If the law is perceived as being against the Church, what the leaders should rather have done is serious prayer and petition to God for divine intervention. After all, the Church faced persecution during the time of the apostles and they took their case to the one above and His power of intervention was made manifest (Acts 4:23-31 and Acts 12:1-19).

The Church can of course speak up of against any injustice but this manner in which they have throws up suspicion of some hidden skeletons.

What we have today is a sleeping Church where ministers openly speaks against another, goes name calling and makes enemies of other minister instead of standing against the devil, his agents, evils and vices in our society and yet, anyone expects such a disjointed unit to have the respect of anyone.

A house divided against itself cannot stand, when last have we had ministers coming together in prayer conferences to stand in the gap for the nation and Church of Christ but could now speak up together against a law that threatens their ‘Individual Empires’ and elevated status in the society!

God have mercy!

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