BPH is to Men, Breast lump is to Women

By: Omokhefe Precious


The prostate gland weighs about 18 to 26grams shaped like a walnut.

It is one of the commonest organ which become cancerous in men, and usually become bigger (hyperplasia after 40years).

Illustrating the Prostate

The commonest disease of the prostate include BPH 80 percent, cancer of the prostate 18 percent and prostatitis 2 percent.

The exact function of the prostate is unknown but it is believed that It forms the major volume of the ejaculates, about 3-4mls of the ejaculate is from the prostate glands.

This secretion helps to keep the sperms viable and contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, spermine, and Prostatic specific antigen which is the major substances searched for when cancer of the prostate is suspected.

A lot of men are reluctant to consult a doctor about their private parts and their urinary symptoms, many consult herbal doctors, chemists and quacks first, hence suffers complications, and late presentation to the clinic.

Men who are castrated before 20 years may Not suffer from BPH as it is testosterone dependent, so getting your self castrated may be a choice 😀.

The initial symptoms of BPH include, frequent urination at night (could be diabetes anyway), inability to pass urine freely, straining and poor stream of urine, hesitancy and retention.

Most times people come down with bladder infections because of retention. Such men may need urinary catheterization to relieve them of these painful conditions, as this may continue until the prostate is removed.

There is no clear cut difference in symptoms from prostate cancer, hence it must be ruled out by histological investigation but a pointer includes loss of weight, waist pains and difficulty in walking. Because the valveless veins of baxon allow this cancer to spread to the vertebral (backbones).

Disease that can present like BPH includes Urethral stricture, bladder cancer, diabetes mellitus, bladder stones etc

Your doctor may do a digital rectal examinations, and a test called PSA will be done. Sometimes they may take a tissue of the prostate via the rectum (they insert a needle via the rectum that looks like a gun and take a small tissue for histological examination).

After which you may be placed on drugs, which help relaxes the muscles, reduces testosterone and decrease prostate-specific antigen. However, if this doesn’t work they will end up removing the prostate surgically.

If a diagnosis of prostate cancer is made eventually the testicles will be removed (surgical castration)

Prostate cancer is to men, breast cancer is to women.
BPH is to Men, Breast lump is to women.

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