[New Post]: REFLECTING ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE – Prof. Matthew Izibili.

Anchor:  (LUKE 10: 25 – 37)

The Samaritan disposition to life and peoples well being in our present generation, is doubtful.

Human attitudes can be categorized into three (3) thus:

a). Those living with the thief and brutality mentality… occupants cuts across all walks of life (secular and ecclessiatical). Here, it appears they respect the dangerous philosophy which states that what is yours is mine if i can take it (forcefully). Survival of the fittest…

b). Preferences for uninterrupted life; “No one should disturb me mind set” NB: No one truly lives for him/herself. Here, it seems accepted that what is mine is mine if i can keep it.

c). A situation where very few are interested in the well fare of fellow humans sincerely for the sake of being human. (The Samaritan life style states that what is mine is yours if you need it; this ought to be the best philosophy of life).

The metaphor of the Samaritan as expressed in Luke gospel may not have been a big deal judging from the human categorization of the people from that region. Meanwhile, when it is said that action speaks louder than voice, it has its confirmation in the attitude of the Samaritan whose exact name was never known but his act.

May we be better described by the show of empathy that reveals our true selves as we journey through this life experience.

The Priests may have been overwhelmed with their divine calls to please their caller (God); but forgot that the surest way to please Him is to serve God in men with whom they lived and worked daily. Every true shephered must of course, smell like the sheep.

The lord Jesus Christ once admonished his followers on the need to understand the socio-humanitarian mandate of the church: whatever you do for the least of this your brethren, you do unto me: in prison, hospital, hungry, oppressed, depressed, etc.

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