Education And Employability: Building From The Foundation – Abraham Bolaji.

Education is one focal point that cannot be sidelined irrespective of the minute resources that are available to foster the academic improvement of the pupils and student involved.

From statistical values, about 20% of the educated populations are employable. The 80% lacks the requisite skill that is needed as organizational requirement for involvement and productivity.

How can we make up?

Though, we are in a environment that do not place much value on acquiring education enlightenment to meet the professional employability criteria but the inclusion of orientation programs that comprises purpose definition, career coaching, personal development and lucrative skill acquisition initiatives will proffer the solution in addressing the puzzle.

However, I have tailored my notion in respect to the opinion postulated by George Counts, a prominent American progressive educationist.

Counts published, in 1932, his groundbreaking work; dare the Schools Build a New Social Order? He opined that education should be the foundation for social reconstruction. Counts believed also that teachers are essential agents of social change and can bring this about through the schools.

He strongly opines that teachers should seek power and be very much involved in formation of the curriculum in order to make it oriented towards social change.

Thus, I suggest the fashion of career coaching and personal developments lessons are to be permitted to be part of the curriculum of the school. Definitely, they will positively influence the students involved.

Hence, strategizing and executing a definite and impactful project in education and employability sector is first achieved by creating solid partnership leverages with the government because they have more education stakeholders.

Private sectors should help cater for the acquisition of technical know-how and organizational managers that will be involved widely in ensuring the projects.

If there is a need to for a tree to be planted or groomed, it has to be standardized from its root.

This expresses the fact that, the subject is to focus on digging into the foundation of the educational hierarchy.

The starting point of learning for every individual (especially as a Nigerian) is the primary education. Here, there should be organizing of impact programs by orientating the pupils by letting them understand the nitty-gritty of purpose discovery and how they can define who they are at an infant stage that will help them know what will make them relevant in their nearest future.

The educational system in Nigeria does not just require the involvement of teachers but the passionate and visioned educators that will be a recipe to lucrative impartation in the lives of the pupils and students.

This is why the suggestions is crucial for Nigerian education because there will be inculcation of career lessons that will help the students in defining what they want for their future.

Hence, It will also reduce ineffectiveness from studying a course base on what the environment or situations dictates. With this, we will enhance employability level and encourage Purpose driven individuals that will travel beyond our coast.

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