[GIST]: 7 Common Medical Related Myth In Nigeria.

1. Staphylococcus Aureus is a sexually transmitted infections.
This is not correct as staphylococcus Aureus is a bacteria found on skin and causes skin infections and boils, stye and even cellulitis.
It commonly contaminates samples such as High Vaginal Swab, Endocervical swabs, once these are reported in results it usually not a cause for alarm except you are diabetic or your immune system is low.

2. Typhoid and Widal test.
This is another test used in scamming people, Widal test is never specific as it becomes reactive in virtually all febrile illness.
Most times poorly treated malaria or resistant malaria is reported as typhoid.

3. Flagyl is solely for diarrhoea.
Another fallacy, flagyl is an antibiotics used in treating lots of bacteria infection ranging from surgical sites infections to amoebiasis.

4. Only traditional bone setters can treat bone fracture.
Another lie from pit of hell, the truth is fractured bones will heal if you can appose it together the only difference when this bones are not guided with X-ray or if possible set with surgery using implants the Limbs may bend, or even suffers from malunion or even non union.

5. Toilet infections: another lie in clinical diagnosis there is nothing like toilet infections, what most persons call toilet infections are either candida albicans some even call gonorrhoea, chlamydia T.vaginalis toilet infections.

6. Sugar is the cause of diabetes.
This is actually not true, diabetes is not caused by sugar but due to depletion of insulin in the body most times it’s even Genetics, hence it is imperative to watch sugar intake, as the insulin that controls your sugar is depleted.

7. Andrew liver salt prevents pregnancy.
This is another lie, Andrew liver salt, bechaam ampiclox do not prevent pregnancy.

If you take this after sex you didn’t get pregnant because either you are not ovulating, or you boyfriend is shooting blank bullets.

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8. Condoms prevents all STIs.
Not all Sexually transmitted diseases are prevented by condoms, diseases like genital warts are spread even when you use condoms no thanks to labioscrotal rubbings.

9. Getting pregnant without Sex
Another big lie except it happened in the Bible or Qur’an as reportedly seen in Mary the mother of Jesus.
The vagina is even enough obstacles to sperms, a man needs about 20million sperms to complete the process that leads to fertilization.
Except in Invitro fertilization.

10. Looking at some one with conjunctivitis (Apollo) makes one gets it.
Mere looking is not enough, physical contact is what transmits conjuctivitis.

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