Fever is temporary rise in body temperature above 37.2 degree Celsius, the normal range for body temperature is between 36.1 to 37.2.

Many people believe fever itself is a disease, fever is not a disease but a symptom telling you something is wrong with your body.

Sometimes fever is no life threatening especially in adult it may go away within 3 days however of this becomes worsening after 3 days it is imperative to see a doctor.

In children fever higher than 38 degree Celsius may cause seizure or convulsions, hence it is very important to have a themometre at home.

There are different types of thermometer go for the affordable one e.g axilla alcohol in glass thermometer or rectal thermometre, the digital is also accurate and affordable.

The brain has a part called the hypothalamus, it is responsible in setting body core temperature know as set point, once the body generate more white blood cells due to infections or increase production of chemicals called interlukins, the set point is increased resulting in higher body temperature.

There are a thousand and one causes of Fever.

1. Malaria, this is one of the commonest cause of fever in our environment hence quacks diagnosed malaria in all persons running higher temperature.

2. Otitis media especially in children.

3. Throat infections especially in children.

4. Pneumonia.

5. Gastroenteritis ( the one quacks calls typhoid).

6. Meningitis.

7. Urinary tract infections.

8. Kidney infections ( pyelonephritis).

9. Acute Pevic Inflamatory Diseases.

10. Upper respiratory tract infections.

To keep your fever down, drink lots of fluids, take good rest, tepid sponge yourself and get over the counter paracetamol.

Sometimes, the cause of the fever is unknown it is called fever of unknown origin, either an abcess is somewhere or cancer is growing somewhere.

Then see a Doctor to guide you on test you do, Full blood count and differentials is helpful.

CREDIT: Dr Precious Omokhefe.


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