[GIST]: Stop That Feeling About Menstruation.

Menstruation is the periodic discharge (flow) of blood and mucosal tissue, occurring approximately monthly from age of puberty to menopause in females (non-pregnant women).


It is a natural part of every lady, as natural as eating, sleeping and breathing. Being a woman alone comes with a level of internalized shame that society has forced on female child right from birth.

Every man need to do better at acting more naturally around the topic of menstruation and stop the awkward evasion of the topic.

There’s absolute nothing emasculating about going to buy pads for the women in your lives, when the need arises.

People most times stared in awe, confusion and possibly disgust, when topics on menstruation are talked about. Periods are always treated as a thing of shame. “Don’t let them know you’re menstruating”, “Cover up fast, you’re stained”.

Ladies, I am not saying you take a microphone and announce whenever you’re on your period, but, at least, don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t put so much effort into hiding it, like you would a dead body. Because, first of all, it is not your fault that your vagina expels blood monthly.

Let’s all make conscious efforts to not make periods seem like such a taboo. The pain and discomfort it comes with is enough trouble for her to have, and to add feeling ashamed to it. Women deserve peace.

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