[MDP ACT]: The College Of Nigerian Pathologists Press Conference Laced With Heinous Lies And Misconceptions – YMLSF.

The Young Medical Laboratory Scientist Forum (YMLSF) has reacted to the press conference addressed by the College of Nigerian Pathologists (CNP) on Tuesday 9th February, 2021.

The YMLSF in her response says the CNP press conference was laced with heinous lies and misconceptions.

Read the response released by the YMLSF executive bellow.

It is not in our character to respond to inanities as exemplified by the mullock the CNP described as a response to JOHESU, but the batteries of lies embedded in their presser necessitated our response for public enlightenment.

After critical evaluation and analysis of all issues raised by CNP, the Young Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum wishes to state and put the record straight as follows:


One would expect that a person that has sworn the classic Hippocratic oath where a part states ‘in purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art’ will never turn out to be mendacious.

It is quite amazing and worrisome that Prof Olatunji doesn’t understand the meaning of fair hearing. In his address, he confidently posited that all parties present were given a fair hearing. Medical laboratory scientists have both a regulatory body (MLSCN) and an association (AMLSN). The doctors on the other hand have both a regulatory body( MDCN) and an association (NMA). At this juncture, we would want to ask Prof Olatunji what is fair in allowing both MDCN and NMA to make their presentations while allowing only AMLSN to make a presentation for Medical Laboratory scientists?

What sense does it make restricting MLSCN whose bill is to be duplicated by unqualified persons from making a presentation?

It is heartbreaking, that a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will subject himself to be used as a tool by NMA and Pathologists to ridicule the health sector by presiding over a bill he sponsored, and displaying a very high level of bias at the public hearing on the 1st of February, 2021. Dr. Oloriegbe should explain to Nigerians why MDCN, NMA, and a representative of the Pathologists were allowed to make their presentations three consecutive times with over 15 minutes each while other health care professionals got only two minutes to make their presentations. Our claims if ever in doubt could be substantiated by an undoctored video clip of the said hearing.

It is ridiculous that Dr. Oloriegbe a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria has chosen to put the ambition of NMA over the interest of Nigerian citizens which was contrary to the oath of office he took.

We are calling on Dr. Ibrahim Oloriegbe, who is brazenly and palpably bias to step down as the chairman senate committee on health to allow sanity, equity, and fairness in the health sector.

Again it is laughable for the National President of CNP, Prof Philip Olatunji to say that JOHESU came with rented crowds and commercial/professional demonstrators to the venue of the public hearing. What do you expect from a professor without a Ph.D. who also doubles as a charlatan?


We want to set the record straight also on the above ACTs and expose Philip Olatunji as a lousy Professor.

Medical Laboratory Science Council (MLSCN) Act 2003 (Cap M25 LFN 2004) empowered MLSCN to REGULATE THE PRACTICE OF MEDICAL/CLINICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE in Nigeria as seen in section 4b of the act.

While Medical and Dental Practitioners (MDP)Act 1988(Cap M8 2004) section 2 clearly states the function of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria as:

MAKING REGULATION S FOR THE OPERATIONS OF CLINICAL LABORATORY PRACTICAL in the field of pathology, which includes histopathology, forensic pathology, autopsy, and cytology. Clinical cytogenetics, hematology, medical microbiology, and medical parasitology, chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, immunology, and medical virology.

It is unsettling that the college of Nigerian Pathologists and NMA as a body can’t differentiate between the word ‘practical’ and ‘practice’. A phrase or clause which has been repeatedly interpreted by courts of competent jurisdiction in favour of Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Again, the CNP through their National president said the MDP Act came before MLSCN Act. We want to again clearly lecture the CNP and by extension Nigeria Medical Doctors on legislative processes and bill enactment. MLSCN Act of 2004 being a more recent ACT by a properly constituted Parliament and assented to by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria overrides and supersedes all former ambiguous law /Act in the same line.

It should therefore be clear that the MLSCN law didn’t contradict the MDP act as the former laid emphasis on practice while the latter emphasized on practicals for their students in the area of pathology which enables them to learn and understand medical laboratory results released by medical laboratory scientists for the general well-being of the patients. This should be unambiguous to common sense. Why will NMA through CNP in her evil crusade choose to be an enemy of Nigerians by destroying the public health sector with draconian bills?


No professional group especially Medical Laboratory Scientists is saying MDP Bill should not be amended. Medical Laboratory scientists are known for their penchant for quality and fierce crusaders of global best practices. Against this backdrop, we must state that our dissatisfaction is strictly on the clauses that were deliberately inserted to undermine the functions of other distinct professionals or having conflicting functions with already existing ACTs/laws, also clauses usurping the position of other professional councils like the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria (MLSCN), and vicious attempts to arrogate to themselves what they couldn’t get lawfully in courts of competent jurisdiction.

Philip Olatunji again lied to Nigerians that the new MDP Repeal and Re-enactment Bill under consideration seeks to ensure that the words ‘pathology’ and ‘laboratory are properly defined to clear the existing conflict and avoid any ambiguity.

Wikipedia, albeit famous remains one of the most unsecured sources of information. The lousy President of the CNP cited Wikipedia as a reference to define who a pathologist is. It is ridiculous that one who attempted to ‘expose a falsehood’ by citing an ‘authority’ never took out time to do proper research. This is not unconnected to the laziness of the so-called pathologists. Here is also a description of medical laboratory scientists by the same Wikipedia:

“Medical Laboratory Scientists analyze human fluid samples using techniques available to the clinical laboratory, such as manual white blood cell differentials/counts, bone marrow counts, analysis via microscopy, and advanced analytical equipment. Medical laboratory scientists assist doctors and nurses in choosing the correct lab tests and ensure proper collection methods. Medical laboratory scientists receive the patient specimens, analyze the specimens and report results. A pathologist may confirm a diagnostic result, but often the medical laboratory scientist is responsible for interpreting and communicating critical patient results to the physician”.

In conclusion, we assume the CNP President is either Obtuse or completely ignorant of the education systems in Nigeria, the latter most likely being the case. We wish to also debunk another calculated lie that medical laboratory science is a 4year course in a Nigerian University. It is worthy to also note that the postgraduate itinerary of medical laboratory scientists is way more tedious and time-consuming than that of the doctors. It therefore further amazes us where the pride and superiority complex emanate from?

Hence, we call on the General Public, Senate, and the National Assembly to beware of these unscrupulous elements parading themselves as responsible professionals.

5 thoughts on “[MDP ACT]: The College Of Nigerian Pathologists Press Conference Laced With Heinous Lies And Misconceptions – YMLSF.

  1. Whenever we want to male reference, we should ponder critically where we derived our practice from which is the Western world. Eg. United Kingdom. We keep quoting UK and other climes but we fail to tell the world what is obtainable in these climes.
    In UK, pathologists do not carry out laboratory tests in the hospital, their job is to interpret these results to other health care professional who may need interpretation. But in Nigeria, you see a pathologist struggling pipet with a Medical lab scientist to conduct glucose test. We should stick to our professional competencies in Nigeria for a better health care delivery. We also have consultant biomedical scientists in the hospital, but in Nigeria, pathologists feel threatened to have such a position. What a shame?

  2. The MDP act is cancerous and laced with so many irregularities that contradicts sections of other health professional act. Such act if allowed will further cripple the Health sector and poor Nigerians will suffer.
    The medical doctors should focus on their area of professional jurisdiction and allow others carry out their duties peacefully.

  3. They will never rest. They have to feel insecure because we are really a threat to them. Do they know what they are doing? Not without the help of medical laboratory scientists. They are like a scare crow that is trying to protect the number of their customers in a rapidly changing world that does not take cognisant of the existence of arrogant people and must follow its course. Are we struggling for our recognition? Not at all. Because fact is fact. For a long time even the cattle fulanis visit the labs for tests before they marry. No matter what they do they can never foil God’s plan and protection of his followers who are created to tell people the truth. I like the response to the mdcan, nma and the general public my young but fearless and energetic professionals made. It’s high time we retaliate en toto the wicked lies these unfortunate rivals make about us. Thankyou my dear young professionals.

  4. Long live YMLSF,being the saviour of our noble proffesion,now that they clearly mention YMLSF they will surely regrate the battle they stated long ago.

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