[Scholarship]: Guide On Fully Funded China Scholarship For Master’s and Ph.d Degrees Part 1.

Here is a simple guide on fully funded Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) for Master’s and Ph.d Degrees.

I’ll talk about the scholarship benefits, application requirement, application timeline, how to apply and all relevant links.

Scholarship Benefits:

Free Tuition

Free Accommodation

Monthly Stipend (available for Msc: 3000RMB, Ph.d: 3500RMB)

Application Timeline:

The scholarship application timeline is always between November to May.

For example; November 2020 to May 2021. For september, 2021 intake.

Application Requirements:

a) Study plan: Stating your necessary education history and your study interest.

b) Recommendation Letter: Two recommendation letters from previous or current university. Preferably, to be issued by a Professor, Associate Professor or a Doctor (academia).

c) English Proficiency: An O’level result with credit pass in English language, a letter of english proficiency from your previous university, IELTS, or TOEFL.

Anyone out of the above-mentioned is suitable.

d) Physical Examination Report: A signed medical report indicating your current state of health. The form for required health report is available on the institution scholarship website.

e) Passport Copy [International Passport]: Ensure to get your passport ready as the data page of your international passport needs to be uploaded in the process of application.

f) Passport Photograph: Your current passport photograph.

g) Application Form: This form will be downloaded from the scholarship website correctly filled and re-uploaded.

h) The scholarship doesn’t require an application fee, but many schools require application fees and there are schools that doesn’t require application fee.

i) Police Clearance Report: This can be obtained from the nearest Police office to you. Most likely, a Police Headquarter or a main Divisional Headquarter in your city.

j) Additional Requirement for Ph.d Applicants: A Ph.d applicant needs to first contact a professor/supervisor in your Chinese University of choice in advance, stating your interest to be his/her research student. This is strongly advised for a Ph.d applicant, but not mandatory in some cases.

More information will be available on the part 2 of this guide.

CREDIT: @wakawaka_doctor.


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