[OPINION POST]: An Open Letter To The Outgoing Local Government Chairmen – Joseph Gbale

I bring you celestial greetings, and I hope this message meets you all in good condition. Why I would not want to go into your albysmal performance while in office in last three years, as that is no longer news.

Edo people are unanimous that majority of you are mistakes that will never happen again, but as a man with conscience and knowing fully well the kind of society we live in, l would love to give you this “my one kobo advise” .

1. That as you handover tomorrow, that you must all go on your kneels and thank God for the journey so far. If not for anything for the very reasons of bringing you out from obscurity into fame, this you must be grateful of. As I am sure majority of you had nothing and most of you could not even boast of #50,000 as your Bank Account Balance, as you have now been able to amass so much wealth, indeed what God cannot do, does not exist

2. Make sure you exhaust all avenues to make peace with those you have offended, especially those you neglected, knowing how well they contributed in you and made sacrifices to your coming onboard as Chairman of your various Councils.

3. Do not bother wasting the little resources you looted from the council to pursue a second term ambition which will never come and can only be defined as wishful thinking, “Because Na Second Journey Naim Kill Mongo Park”. As Virtually all the Political leaders and party members in your various local Government are patiently oraying that you fall into this trap, so as to sap little from the money you looted from your various Councils and I won’t blame them .

4. Don’t also be surprised when those who were very close to you while in office and instrumental to your failure suddenly desert you, and start peddling awful things about you it is called “INSIDE LIFE” . So Please Forgive them also because, hypocrisy and deceit is obviously the hallmark of Nigeria politics.

5. Don’t also be surprised that some of us, who you have considered as an enemy in our efforts in compelling you to deliver quality service to the people may eventually be your new friends who will stand by you as majority sojourn into what the scripture refers to as “Perilous Times” .

However, I will be suprised if any of you wants to go back to the Council, because you where asked about the councils and your response was always “Nothing Dey Council” , so I wonder Why Una Wan Go Back To Where Nothing Dey.

Finally, I will want to wish you all success in your future endeavors and hope you must have all learnt some lessons, that power is transient and nothing last forever; as even the office of the Permanent Secretary is not Permanent.

Comrade Joseph Gbale, a Senior Advocate Of The Masses (SAM) writes from the ancient City of Benin.

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