Joe was an enterprising young man. A mere look at him paints the picture of a dutiful gentleman. But not only that, he was a handsome dude.

As a teenager, Joe began to see pictures of his future. He was going to be a great man. In fact, he saw his brothers bow to worship him.

Being the vociferous young man that he was, he couldn’t keep the excitement to himself. The realisation that he would be very great got him really thrilled that he shared it with his family again and again.

However, his brothers hated him for that. They couldn’t just stomach his guts. ‘Who does he think he is’?, they reasoned among themselves. They were envious of him and could not just tolerate his dreams, so they got rid of him. They sold him as a slave.

At his master’s house, Joe soon showed what he was made of. He took proper charge of his master’s house affairs. His leadership skill was so excellent that his master left everything in his care.

His master’s wife couldn’t resist Joe’s charm. He was simply irresistible. So, she made advances at him, but when the young wouldn’t pick the signals, she came out straight, ‘Sleep with me’ she demanded.

Joe will do no such thing. He had the charm, but his character was intact. More so, he feared God, so he refused the offer. The master’s wife, not wanting to appear stupid, lied that Joe tried raping her. The master would not entertain such, he forgot about Joe’s pedigree. His faithfulness and outstanding stewardship could not save him. He was thrown into the prison.

Joe appeared to have gotten a hold on his dream. Things were beginning to pick up again after everything had initially gone awry, but all of a sudden, another setback surfaced.

Like Joe, we all have our fair share of setbacks on our path to achieving our dreams. At those times, the natural thing that comes to mind is to give up and abandon the dream, but we shouldn’t.

Some setbacks are actually blessings in disguise. At times, these setbacks are the springboards of the future that we have seen. Without them, we won’t be able to proceed into the fullness that we have dreamt about.

In some cases, what now looks like a disadvantage is actually the advantage we need for a bigger, better, and richer us to emerge. May you discern those times and align accordingly.

CREDIT: Sam Adetiran 

Sam Adetiran, is a Personal Development Expert, a Writer, Editor and a Book Publishing Consultant.



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