Dating Abusive People Takes Away Your Anger.

Dating abusive people comes with it own share of understanding and tolerance to the partner.

Dating abusive people is that they have a problem with your anger, and tend to take away your right to be angry, they’re the only ones allowed to get angry in the relationship.

The other side to this abusive people is that you confront them with what’s causing you pain, and they bring out issues that doesn’t relate to the matter to try to make your anger irrelevant. When you get angry at their actions, they jam it back down as quickly as they can either through violence or other means.

They don’t just take away your right to anger, they take away your right to crying. It’s like you can’t be sad or mad, they have a way of turning things, and making you believe you’re the problem.

In one word, abusive people are good at “Gaslighting” the other partner. Staying out of relationship with abusive people will be of great help to you.

Your physical and mental health matters a lot.

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