[NEW]: Marriage Beyond Sex; A New View.

So many reasons people get into marriage today with several expectations. The subject Sex has been put in front and widely discussed when premarital issue are talked about.

Is Marriage Beyond Sex ?

Marriage is about companionship and partnership, forming a life time synergy with each other for a unanimous attainment of lives pursuit be it business, health, recreation or whatever goals they both sets to achieve in the strongest spirit of togetherness and oneness of purpose.

It has no definition based on sex and beyond the matter of sex, because at marriage even if you are a stallion in bed, sex would eventually become rearer and rearer until what is left between the both of you is just that pies of paperwork, the marriage contract form that is usually in your wife’s possession.

Yes, i mean that time in your martial journey when you see each other as brother and sister with no much sex appeal. My point, even without any drought of pussy in your possession, you would still have this undying desire to be with someone for the rest of your life its a natural instincts wired into man from genesis.

Some school of thought says marriage was not created for sex, but to have a companion you can depend on for life and hold your hands to stand by you when you fall. For some others, sex is what magnet the marriage, so without sex there will be no harmony in marriage.

Some studies says women are not created for sex alone, they are created purposely for companionship and to be that perfect help mate.

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