A CV is called curriculum vitae, which is translated “Curriculum of Life” while resume is translated as “Summary”

This already shows that the CV is meant to be longer than the resume. The CV is just a blank and empty paper without words, so words is what evokes the perception and emotion any reader will have for you or about you.

One can tell you, “I’m a Marketer” and another can say “I help companies and brands Communicate their values and services to their target audience”

The two different, sentences mean the same thing but one evokes a higher perception of the problem solved and gains more attention than the other.

Another scenario, one can say “He or She is a motivational speaker” while someone can say it better this way “He or She is a Life Coach, who helps people discover their purpose with quick steps and high clarity”

Find a way to say what you do in a way that commands attention.

Why? Because the CV is a battle of attention with words, when everyone knows how to do the same thing, what makes you outstanding is your presentation and power of persuasion (Ability to speak or sell well)

And CV has been existing for as far back as when men started communicating.

Can you remember when you wanted to visit your friend and then you forgot his home address but then you recall that he told you he lives around a certain place, all you need to do is to go there and speak his CV,

“I dey find one Chinedu, im mama dey drive red car, the boy short but in head big, e no too big o but his sister get belle…..”

Oh you didn’t know that was a CV right?

God recommended Job to the devil, using his CV, Have you seen my servant Job…. That He is

Before making a CV, one has to choose the particular Job they desire, Don’t be so generic, be specific.

Mike Murdock said that, ” The more specific your questions, the more you get your answers accurately and quickly”

If I asked you, “I’m looking for where to eat” you would easily point to the nearest eatery, restaurant or fast food, but what if that eatery doesn’t have what I crave for?

That is the mistake most of us do while creating a CV, now Lets change the question “I’m looking for where I can eat Edikakong soup, with pounded cassava and cow meat/goat meat”

It is easier for you to recommend an eatery even though it is not close by, But both of us would be so sure that I would definitely see the food there.

Same with Ice cream, I can easily get Ice cream from anywhere, Bicycle riders, eateries, fast food, home, But if I wanted Cold Stone (the answer comes with accuracy)

So what do you want to be?

✓A Business growth Strategist
✓A sales executive
✓A Mechanical Engineer
✓A marine engineer (2nd or 4th)

Remember how Jesus was so specific about the Reservation he did for the last supper (Mark 14:15)

You should make reservation for where you want to work in your mind, you can even be specific with a company or an industry, please you can go as far as asking those who are in that position the requirements needed to get you to that position, what skill do you need, which qualifications do you need.

Next is to find the Skills, roles of that Job and start learning them and practising them, Negotiation? Copywriting? Patience? Emotional intelligence?

Udemy, Coursera, Shaw Academy, LinkedIn learning and YouTube can help you get these skills for free.

Remember how the Queen of Sheba came to visit Solomon because she got his CV (spoken report) and when she came to interview him, She found out that He surpassed what was said (input written for yourself) about him. Always update your self, Don’t be the same person , you were yesterday. Always learn something new daily.

CREDIT: Ikedi Jedice C.

Ikedi Jedice C., is a Business Strategist and Content Marketer.

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