To the average Esan born man, the concept of “Ezighi- zighi” is not strange to him. Hence, it is a commonly understood statement of fact that “Akha de muokpia, A demuezighi zighi” (what befalls a man, is equal to a man). This has become the case and has been corroborated by the Christian Holy Bible when it expressly and unambiguously stated that a man born of a woman is of few days and many sorrows (Wahalaas).

Pressures are part of life. Yes, they are either internally or externally generated. They cover a wide range of human life: Physical, Spiritual, Economic, Emotional/psychological, Political, Security, etc. All of these are considered within the ambient of Philosophy as part of the main thrust of Existentialism and Phenomenology.

Here, the whole essence of what life is about becomes glare: Life does not consist of food and drinks only but…the seemingly imbalances, ups and the downs, pains and gains, sicknesses and the likes, etc. 


However, pressure may defy a single sentence definition. Yet, it is obvious that it is a force that could push anyone to do an action (good or bad). No doubt, to a large extent, a man’s true character that may have been hidden, gets revealed when pressured. May you not be pressured into doing what you will regret in eternity in Jesus name. 


In times like this, when almost every body seem to have been carried away into believing what was wrong in the past is now right, it creates room for the unsuspecting ones to conclude that “we are all involved”. 2Corinthians 4: 8-9; 16-28 would help us better understand my point here. May God give us grace to overcome pressures of life. We need not allow the pressures of life take better part of our life. Here comes, the proper management strategy. 


Whatever you are pressured about right now, TIME and CHANCE will cause you to see the end in no distant time. For every pressure, there is expiration date. You must learn to speak peace to yourself in times like this. Avoid consulting with already highly pressured persons for solution. Else, yours will be doubled.

May we not ask for solution from the wrong source ooo. Patience is key. Note, the “Egyptians” you see now, you will see them no more forever, amen. Many are the afflictions, but God delivers him from THEM ALL.


Be positive…

Trust God and always be yourself and you must stop narrating yourself to mere mortal.

CREDIT: Professor Matthew Izibili.

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