Life is full of good and bad time, knowing what to do per time gives you an edge over others.

9 Relevant Things You Need To Know About Life

1. Never confuse education with intelligence. A person can have a master’s degree and still be a seasoned idiot.

2. You will succeed better by doing one thing exceptionally well than by doing many things good.

3. We have all made wrong choices in the past. Never let your wrong choices overwhelm you.

4. If you support people succeeding, you’re more likely to build a supportive network of successful friends and become successful yourself.

5. A happy life is not necessarily a wealthy one. And a wealthy life is not necessarily a happy one.

6. If you can’t stop people from breathing air, you can’t stop them from saying what they want to say about you.

7. There’s enough darkness in the world for all stars to shine to their brightest illumination. If you see another star solely as a competitor, you have already lost your luster.

8. Being friends with people who are happy you are succeeding, is mutually beneficial.

9. Those who will stand by you are few, but those who will congratulate you are many.

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