Engaging Biblical Wisdom For Business Breakthrough – Pastor James Echoga.

The wisdom of this world and wisdom of men are limited, the wisdom from above is unlimited.

Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from God’s word and doing it.
Wisdom is simply the application of God’s word.
The scripture in Matthew chapter 7: 24 – 28 described a wise man as he ‘that hear the word and apply them’.

It is the word you apply that makes you productive, not just the word you hear (James 1: 24-25).

Matthew 10 17-21 A young man who came to Jesus to asked what he could do to be saved. Jesus replied him saying one thing that lackest.
Knowing what to do from scripture will open you up to God’s creative power.

Wisdom is simply obeying God per time, following His instructions.

What Must You Do For Business Breakthrough:

1. Be committed to Spiritual growth and development.
A. Prayer
B. Fasting
C. Studying of the word of God.
What give power to your prayers and fasting is what you know from the word of God.

If you desire your business to breakthrough, you must be Godly and wacth your company (Psalm 1: 1-3; Pslam 112: 114).
When you upright, the light of God will shines in all area of your life.

2. You must be committed in seeking the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:33 says seek ye first the kingdom of God.

3. Be committed to the covenant of tithing (Malachi 3: 10-11). The tithe is for God and is holy unto the Lord.

4. Be committed to kingdom advancement endeavor with your finances (1st Chronicles 29: 3-4).
Loving the house of God and making it presentable and worthy is essential.

4. You must give God thanks (Numbers 11:1).

Keep thanking God for the level you are today as everything multiply by testimony.
Thanksgiving is what qualifies you for the next level (John 6:6), don’t murmur but only give thanks. God is not pleased when you murmur as seen in the book of (Number 11:1).

5. Joy and rejoicing are required for business breakthrough (Joel 1:11-12). Let there be joy in your heart always concerning your business.

6. Connect with priestly blessing (Genesis 14:19).

No one can breakthrough by strength, it’s by grace (Pslam 127: 1-2).

You must have time for God, and never allow your business to take the time for God’s own business.

Allow God to lead you and be diligent in all you do in your business (Proverbs 11:24; Proverbs 12: 22- 24).

Remember, it’s only when you are alive you enjoy this business breakthrough, stay healthy and alive.


Biblical Wisdom For Divine Protection – Pastor Emmanuel Aikpokpo.

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