[BOOK REVIEW]: The Sexually Transmitted Diseases, By Prof. Boaz Adegboro.

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Boaz Adegboro. Lambert Academic Publishing Beau Bassin, Mauritius, 2018.

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Foreword: Prof. Adeoye Adeniyi, MD.

The appearance of a handbook on Sexually Transmitted Diseases in our tropical and subtropical zone is a very important event in medical education and practice for students, health providers and practitioners within this ecological zone.

A much wider spectrum of knowledge has accumulated over the years in the field of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Through painstaking study and application of modern techniques in Microbiology, Virology and Immuno-chemistry, the pathogenesis, epidemiology and clinical management of these diseases have become much clearer. As it were, the specialist in STDs has come into his own.

The changes in socio-cultural, ethnical and religious considerations, the advent of liberalization and permissiveness in the societies round the world make knowledge in this field critical. The case and speed of travel, trans-cultural interactivities make the world a truly global village. The rapidity with which AIDS had ravaged Sub-Saharan Africa typifies the danger of indifference to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Another challenge is the inappropriate, indiscriminate use of drugs through self-medication, quacks and most dangerously, fake and sub-standard drugs. The outcome of such practice includes the development of resistant strains of organisms to standard drugs and the evolution of virulent strains that are difficult treat.

The chapter on reproduction (fertility and fecundity) and the effect of STDs is well written and clarifies this important aspect which does not receive adequate attention otherwise.

The book provides a very useful compendium of information about the clinical features, characteristics and management of STDs which is highly commended to students at the Medical Schools, Community and Institutional Health Providers and Libraries for general and special reference. The illustrations are vivid, highly instructive and complimentary.

Adeoye Adeniyi, MD. is a Professor of Paediatrics, and  Former Vice Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria (1985-1992).

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