5 Important Things She Should Possess Before You Put The Ring On Her Finger.


There have been so much opinion on the subject of making the right choice of partner for a lifetime. As it is today, men now focus on the physical appearance of ladies that Character and other virtue. There are reason why much attention is focused on the physique of a woman alone. Surprisingly yet interestingly, most value of a woman is now tied to the physical looks.

Yes, men get attracted to what they see first, it is a natural phenomenon. And yes, it’s also a matter of prerogative. However, this has made a lot of women lose their self worth and dignity, pride and respect, as well as resulted to inferiority complex in some.

If the major reason you are in that relationship or thinking of marrying a lady is because she has a big frontal package (facial and breast) and a big behind (buttocks), then you are not in LOVE.

No matter what you think or would like to say, if all you see is her physical ASS SET or curves then you are obviously LOST in LUST.

There are other things that should matter more to any man than those things that naturally pull men to women.


Before you marry any lady, first and foremost ask yourself this question: Does she give you peace of mind? Does she possess the capacity to give you peace of mind?

Some men don’t stay at home often because of the woman they married. They rather sleep in the office or at a friend’s place because they married a warrior who had made their home a battle field.

Their homes become a war zone, the woman comes and puts enmity between the man and his family members. Everywhere War.

She having a BIG CHEST doesn’t guarantee she’ll give you BIG REST when the time comes.

If you marry a woman for those things (physical appearance alone), and she turns out to be a troublesome woman, you won’t even feel attracted to her.
You will likely hate her, and those things that attracted you to her.


Be aware that few years from now and you’ll be faced with trials and battles as a man and you’ll need a supportive wife, the kind of support not just offered by her body. The kind of support offered by her brain, by her hands, by her spirit, love for God, by her account balance, by her knowledge and exposure.


Here me loud and clear please. Sincerely, the best ASSETS of any woman are not Physical.

Can she support you in prayers?
Can she support you financially?
Can she support you physically?
Can she support you with ideas, counsel?
Can she build with you?


A woman who lack the ability to keep her home, who can’t be the master home planner and marshal the resources of her husband and her own, and that of the kids to turn a house to a home. 

A woman who is out regularly on Fridays to party and comes home drunken. A woman whose home is as dirty as a refuse dump and do not see the need to make the environment clean.

When it get tough, you will take a look at all her big ASS SET that made you to marry her and suddenly, what you will see are big liabilities..


Every man must desire and go for a lady who is willing and ready to partner with him on making progress forever. This will determine a lot of your success or failure in future.
How she embraces his vision is very vital, how she shows capacity to be SUBMISSIVE, OBEDIENT and LOYAL.

Getting married to a lady who doesn’t see you both as partner towards achieving a common goal(s) is a big risk.



A man will always one day need his wife to play the role of a LOVER and on other days a MOTHER -Someone to care for him; to watch over him like a baby. And when you finally realize that the woman you married doesn’t have an iota of motherly nature, when she’s heartless and as cold as ice you will understand the reason for the adage “khaki no be leather.”

So check these out:
How does she treat children?
How does she treat elders?
How does she look after you?

I am not trying to condemn any woman because she is bigger in some areas than other women, neither am I downplaying those without wide physique. I’d never do such a thing. Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but physical looks doesn’t last forever.

To my brothers out there, this is me simply and kindly saying: “Look at but also Look BEYOND a Woman’s Body and Beauty”

To my sisters out there, this is me simply and kindly saying: “Value You – You Are Enough”

Article Credit: Prince Celestine

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