[Wealth]: Understanding The Two Factors Common Among The Rich, Part 2.

The two factors that I mentioned in my last post as being the key foundation upon which riches are built are indeed very related.

The relationship between the mindset of a rich man and his hard work is what many people who try to do exactly what they are doing in an attempt to achieve their results do not fully understand.

But I will need to say to you that though the physical activities a rich man carries out which is seen as hard work is not the first step that brings the riches. In fact, the hard work is a reflection of his mindset. It is his mindset that makes him work hard not his hard work that makes him have the mindset.

Have you ever wondered how people go into a business that they have seen someone doing and making money and as soon as they went into the business the business either crashed or they ran into losses?

Have you seen, for instance, someone who is making it in a particular business, and you thought all that there is to that business was just buying and selling. In fact you even got someone to supply you the goods at a more cheaper rate than the rich man is getting his own, but at the end, you still didn’t make any profit from the business. In fact, you couldn’t even get your capital back?

For instance, in trading Forex, there is only one decision to be made, at a time, out of three decisions to be made in any market settings: Either you sell, buy or stay out. Now, as easy as this decisions are, many still go into forex and loose money on daily bases. Yet, you will see people like the No. Forex Coach in Africa who is based in Zaria, keep cashing out every day. Then you wonder why you can’t take those decisions when you should take them even when you knew the direction the market was going.

It is simple, those who are making profit in any business or endeavors they are into already have a mindset that is sponsoring their actions. Their mindsets guide their decisions, the mindset is what makes them hardworking.

You can not see their mindset, because it is not physical. But that you can not see it doesn’t deny its reality. You only see the physical actions they are taking and you are deceived to think that if you do exactly what they are doing you will get their results. I am here to tell you, that if you do exactly what they are doing, you will fail woefully. Their hard work is under the influence and sponsorship of their mindset.

I heard and read about Bishop David Oyedepo how he went on a three days fasting with two books and his bible making it three books, and on the third day he discovered the key to Financial Prosperity and he spun and shouted “I can never be poor”.

That sounds simple, right? but now, I advice you to try doing exactly what he did. If you like, you can make your own seven days and seven books. You may even get all the books he has written and add them to the once he went with. When you come back please I will like to hear your experience. Many have done it and yet they are still poor. Unknown to them that any physical action without its mental equivalent will end up in frustration. Leave “village people” out it, your mindset is what is responsible. In fact, no “village people” can do you anything without your mind cooperating with them.

The secret to getting their results is for you to get to understand their mindset concerning what they are doing. If you can understand their mindset and also set your mind in that format, your body will automatically start acting the way they act, and you will start doing what they are doing, which will lead to producing the same result they are producing.

The results you are producing currently in your life is a product of your mindset and not what you are doing.

And the interesting thing about it is that, you can reset your mindset to produce the kind of results you truly desired. The challenge is that many don’t know how.


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