Unveiling The Wonders In The Word, Part 1- Pastor Benjamin Ifeanyi-Chukwu.

God’s word is God’s law, and God’s word is the GPS of life. The word of God directs believers to their destination (Proverbs 14:12).

God’s word is the perfect guide in all areas of life (Jeremiah 10:23; Psalm 119: 104). God’s word becomes a light for your path, and with this light you can move, for without light there is darkness.

Word breakthrough is the cure for human breakdown in life, and God’s word is what guarantee your breakthrough in life. Peter in the scripture said “At thy Word”, and he experienced a great harvest that their net brake.

What are the Wonders In The Word?

1. God’s word is the carrier of His Power (Hebrews 4: 12). Anytime you speaks the word, power is released in the direction that you have declared it (Pslam 107: 20).
The way to God’s power is His word, go for it and stop praying for power. Go in search of the scripture (Pslam 29: 4), God’s power is intact in the word (Luke 5:18).

It was the preaching of the word that brought the power as seen in  (Luke 5:18) and anytime you sit to hear from the teaching priest (2nd Chronicles 15:3) there is released of power.
God always move in the direction of His word and that’s why you need a teaching priest (Jeremiah 3:15-16).

2. The word of God set free (Luke 4: 35-36). The truth of God’s word sets free from all satanic oppression (John 8: 32).

How do I tap into the wonders of the word?

1. Be born again (Mark 4:11; John 3: 3-5). Access is guarantee by new birth.

2. Seek for wonders out of the book (Isaiah 34:16). What you don’t search for, you can’t find. Whatever you find in the scripture is failure proof, find out the solution to you challenges in the Word (Pslam 1: 1-3).

3. Be committed to Walking in the light of God’s word (John 8:12; John 12: 35). When you find the word of God, engage it. It’s engaging the word that makes it work for you (James 1: 22-25).

We are blessed in our doing and not in our knowing. Hearing and putting to action God’s word you have heard is what make you a wonder.

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