All She Wants Is A Better You And Not Quiting.

Recent research has shown that quality communication drives relationships, and anytime communication breaks down the relationship tend to suffer as well. Most times communication gap or a breach in quality communication can be so frustrating and many partners lose their cool freely.

Some may express thier feelings through their body language and still say they are cool, but their actions speak the opposite. Some partners, especially men, cannot take it, they assume she is not happy with them, and she is not willing to express it by words, so they are quick to request for a separation (Break-up).

Your partner not been happy in the marriage or relationship or doesn’t look cheerful at the moment is not an indicator she wants to quit the relationship or marriage. Quiting is not as easy as people see it, especially when you have come to love your partner and sincerely want things to get working between you two, as you pray and hope for the best. 

Some men find it difficult to understand their partner, and the dangerous part is, they try to speak or think for her. Remember, it’s a very difficult task to shave a woman’s hair in her absence.

The question now is, how do you interpret a signal you do not have clear understanding of? Instead of trying to find out why she is feeling so, they mess things up by assuming and drawing conclusions. She might not be speaking up to you because, she may had tried a couple of times but you refused to listen or hear anything about it nor make anything out of it.

Studies shows that no woman who truly loves and cares for you will pretend to be fine or okay when things are not going well/smoothly in a relationship or marriage. Their emotions, physical expression, body language gives them out easily, and she’s not showing such indicators because she desire to quit the relationship. Rather, It’s for you to recognize there is something wrong which needs to be attended to urgently.

Even in a messy situation, they are not against you as a person, it’s your actions that them a cause of concern, which they so wished you could change or do something meaningful about.

Kindly think about it with this illustration, whenever your car is low on fuel, the fuel gauge indicates that to you on your dashboard. The car is not telling you, it doesn’t want to take you to your destination, rather it’s saying there is something wrong that needs urgent attention. Instead of getting mad at the car, you should look for a possible solution, that is to refill your fuel tank before it goes completely empty.

Most women act in similar way like your car, so there will be no need getting mad at her, or asking if she is not willing to continue the relationship, rather, kindly find out from her as a friend and someone who loves her, what is possibly wrong and how best you can help resolve the situation and bring about harmony to the relationship.

It’s not a time to look for a spare or a replacement, because she is not happy with you. You don’t expect your partner to fake smiles and put up a show for you when there’s need for adjustment to get things working properly.

It’s not always easy for her to express her emotions, neither easy for her to translate the non-verbal to verbal. All she needs is patience, a partner who is understanding, a partner who will give her room and listening ears, a partner who will create a better and friendly environment for her to let it all out without judging her or making her feel bad.

She only considers moving on or quiting the relationship when your actions prove to her that you are not ready or willing to make a change or be that lovely partner who understands her pain and frustration. Be a sensitive and ready to see your partner through the lens of love.

In conclusion, “Don’t quit your job simply because the boss is angry with you. If you remain calm and helpful, you can correct even great mistakes” – Ecclesiastes 10:4 (ERV).

Photo Credit: Getty images, all used for illustrating the story.

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