Why Young People (Undergraduate and Graduate) Need To Develop Themselves Through Skills – Iyamu Osaro Culture.

When I was a student of mathematics in the prestigious University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. My lecturers taught us integration and differentiation as the key functions of Calculus, while using variables with the aide of integration and differentiation to solve problems without relating it to real life situation. In this case, everything about integration and differentiation were theoretical but immediately after my graduation, I undergone series of trainings like the type being conducted by JCI Benin Metro on yearly basis where I developed myself to become a Production Engineer in my own Industry.

Today, I am glad to say that theoretical calculus which I learnt in University and the series of trainings I undertook are being applied in my area of work interest where I now use one of the functions of Calculus i.e integration to optimize production.

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Similarly, I am now well equipped arising from the series of trainings I have undertook and conducted for my clients to know that in manufacturing sector such as Feed Production, you must integrate (join together) raw materials and other factors to make a finish goods. This whole experience has revealed to me that integration actually means re-integration, because the process of designing a manufacturing system or goods starts with a set of products/raw materials and an entire factory which is already integrated.

Iyamu Osaro Culture

Also, this my experience has allowed me to know that the functions of integration includes product design, production planning/control and purchasing

Moreso, this whole experience has made me to know that industrial integration has the tendency to link formerly separate firms, enterprises, or production processes, in order to reap economies of scale or finance. Integration may be vertical, combining separate stages in the manufacture of a finished good or provision of a service.

Therefore, young people should develope themselves through Skills.

Credit: Mr Iyamu Osaro Culture, is an Industrialist, an Entrepreneur, and an Advocate of Egalitarian Society.



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