We got kicked out of the competition some nighta ago, a lot has been said about the Mr. President’s call to the boys which may have demoralized them given the way the country is being run by the administration.

Away from that, let’s take cursory look at the tactics and disposition from the team. We played 4 games, won 3 and lost 1 but got out of the competition stunningly in the second round. That popular saying that “it is not how far but how well”, however here it is the reverse because we started well but didn’t go far.

First, the tactics was very poor. Apparently, the team got carried away after qualifying from the group stage with 9 points. While the Tunisian team was busy studying our boy’s clips, our boys were engaging in incongruous and ignoble frolic. This was evident from the display of the young man Maduka Okoye, who was busy with Nigerian ladies on Twitter and Instagram instead of concentrating on his mission in Cameroon, a lady even told him in one of the comments to be careful not to injure his fine face from shots, no wonder he couldn’t stop the shot that eventually kicked them out.

From the team’s display on the pitch, there was no discipline, no character and no sign of leadership. I can’t find the rational of choosing Ekong as captain, Ndidi to me would have been a better option. We can’t undermine the influence of captains in games.

Eguavoen equally got carried away, one would have expected a little twist and more reinforcement after the group stage matches, but he came with same script which apparently became outmoded and antiquated to the Tunisian team who rounded them off and marked them out. Simply put, they were too predictable for the Tunisian team.

Methinks the only game the Eagles played in the tournament with enthusiasm and dynamism was the first match against Egypt before they got carried away. Another time they made attempt to play serious football was after Iwobi’s red card against Tunisia, but it was already too late as they were trailing with a goal down, in a typical African game as that, you have no chance at all.

In conclusion, let them come home, restrategise and change their mentality, World Cup is coming, unserious players should be dropped. We have good and talented players doing well all over the world, let them be scouted and incorporated into the team.

Football seems to be the only thing that presently gives us joy together as Nigerians, it should be taken with all seriousness.

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