[New Post]: THE PERFECT TEAM, By Success Irabor (Mrs).

We live in cities which are evidence of team work. We build companies which are evidence of team work. We watch sports which are evidence of team work. Nevertheless, I think we often forget that building a successful marriage is not just work or hard work, but TEAM WORK.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”– Henry Ford.

For any marriage to succeed, the couple should work as a formidable team; not as competitors, opponents, self-centered, greedy, Chameleons, or hypocrites.


1. A team cooperates and learn from each other; have one mind geared towards making the marriage work.

Working as a team builds friendship and trust.
🖋️ It creates a strong bond between couples;
🖋️ a team that enjoys each other’s company;
🖋️ communicate more freely and openly;
🖋️ frequently share ideas, analysis, and concerns for better brainstorming, which results in increased/ continuous innovation;

🖋️ encourage and motivate each other to work to their strengths, talents and purpose; and work on their flaws.

Team work enhances flexibility and humility.
The couple, though aware of each other’s roles/ responsibilities are willing to help, support, complement or make up for each other’s inadequacies whenever it’s necessary.

2. Couples overcome challenges better as a team, and could even proactively warn each other of foreseeable risks.

3. Close-knit couples with team spirit tend to find swifter, and calmer ways to resolve conflicts among themselves rather than involving external parties.

They correct each other in love, and are willing to forgive in order to maintain oneness.

4.  Team work brings better results. If one will chase 1000 and two chase 10,000 not 2,000 according to Scripture, then, there’s greater power, greater victory, greater achievement, greater success, and greater wins with team work. Two is actually better than one.

In marriage, the best team are those couples who are good teammate, and are submissive/ obedient to God (through Jesus Christ), and His principles of marriage.

With God at the center of your marriage, you have a perfect team; and such a marriage will succeed no matter the storm or odds that may come against it.

You can have a super marriage and home that is super blessed with Jesus in your life and family. Make room for Him as Lord over your home today.

God bless our marriages, restore peace to troubled homes and frustrate every agenda of hell against families in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you for reading. Shalom!

CREDIT: Success Irabor (Mrs).
The Fulfilled Life Coach and Writer.

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