[World Kidney Day]: 6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kidney Healthy – Dr Samuel A. Fasogbon.

The kidney is a very vital organ of the body, which is responsible for getting rid of waste in our system. So, whenever the kidney develop any disease or shut down completely, there will be a problem of getting rid of waste in the body.

How do I keep my kidney healthy?

1. Make Healthy Food Choices: The type of food you take in, the quality of food you take is very important as it has a way of affecting your kidney positively or negatively. Taking proteinous food and Vegetables will do a great job for the kidneys, regular drinking of clean water is very vital in the quest of maintaining the health of your kidney.

Food that are very high salt content, should be reduced; as they have impact on the kidney.

2. Make Physical Activities Part Of Your Routine: Living a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your system, and also the kidney. Physical activity should be part of your daily routine, at least be active 30 minutes of your time in a day.

3. Aim For Getting A Healthy Weight: Being overweight does not positively affect our kidney, we must ensure we maintain healthy weight at all time.

4. Get Enough Sleep:  Sleep is very important for the kidney; hence, we must ensure to get enough sleep for optimal functioning of the kidney.

5. Stop Smoking, and Limit High Alcohol Consumption: For those smoking, it’s time to stop, as smoking has a way of damaging the kidney. It has a great negative impact on the system. Limiting your intake of alcohol is of great benefit to your kidney. Research has shown that people with high consumption of alcohol can come down with kidney diseases.

Explore stress reducing activities: There is need for everyone to manage their stress very well. Stress management, relaxation, improving your physical and emotional health are of great value when it come to keeping a healthy kidney.

Your kidneys are very important in your system, so take all necessary step to keep them healthy always.

Dr. Samuel Ayobami Fasogbon, is a Medical Laboratory Scientist and a Biomedical Researcher.

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