Nigerians Share Shocking Reason(s) Why They Love Peter Obi, and Want Him To Lead The Country.

Nigerians in the social media space has come out to share their reasons why they love, and routing for former Governor Peter Obi of the Labour party to become the next Nigeria President.

A Twitter user @thekaysie, started the conversation with the question “Mention just one reason why you love Peter Obi”

I love him for his transparency and accountability with public funds.

Other Twitter users took their response to comment section to share their reasons.

@jameseversmile says “I love him for his track records, second to none in Nigeria”

@DerarUnivers369 says “I love @PeterObi because he stands for my future and that of my children. He is desperate to see Nigeria work and that’s a statement that resonates with me.

I love Peter Obi because of one statement – CONSUMPTION TO PRODUCTION. (from sharing formula to production formula)”

@FreddAdamz says “Obi is the only candidate contesting on past achievements in public and private sector governance.

He added that, Mr Obi can assist you in fact checking his source of wealth and activities while in government previously, which not even the opposition party has questioned”

@DeGavanizer says, “Peter Obi has the capacity to deal with the challenges of the Presidency. He has a proven record of effective leadership. A clear understanding of the needs of the average guy, he is committed to ensuring that all citizens have access to the same opportunities”

@destiny_pascal says, “I love him because of his commitment to Education. I sincerely believe that with him as President, ASUU strike will be a thing of the past”

@Profobi1 says, “Credibility, competence, frugality, vision”

@simplyPslamuel says, “I love his being straight forward, economically oriented, and guts to say: Go and verify yourself, to ascertain what he said”

@collinsuba says, “I love him because he’s trust worthy, Anambra people trusted him with their mandates and he delivered excellently”

@PeaceWeStand says, “Obi is a true unifier, a servant leader”

@AdeolaOfAde says, “I love him for his ability to manage public funds and his humility”

@onyiokwesili says, “I love him because he thinks differently about Nigeria. Not attracted to the wealth therein but attracted to the inherent potential. Others are for consumption but think there is nothing to consume. The business of production is his goal”

Mr. Peter Obi

Kindly share your thoughts and view on the candidacy of His Excellency, Peter Obi as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in our comment section.

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