The times we are in is tough; truly tough…
Why do men choose to massage their faded ego when it is so clear that there’s no more fame to protect? It is a laughable development. How does one massage ego, you may wish to know? Let’s do it together…

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a camp called Eko- Umanku, near Owaha. One was called Aki and the other, Oiwoh. Both friends takes grinded tobacco commonly called “Sinuff”, with pleasure. They had their bottles with which they keep the stuff each time they buy. Perhaps, because of the unbalanced nature of things in life, a day came, Mr. Aki couldn’t buy “tabba” from the seller and his “Urere”, as the container was succinctly called in Esan was empty.

Humbly, Mr. Aki requested that Pa. Oiwoh should allow him take some quantity from his (Oiwoh’s) Urere. In response, Pa. Oiwoh jokingly told Pa. Aki to stop asking for Tabba almost all the time. He added, I expect you also buy some Tabba and ask me to inhale and confirm whether it is strong or not. Pa. Aki responded thus,”Inian men sele, Oiye ekhole”.(To tell you that this is the situation I am right now, either financially speaking, or otherwise, there’s no shame in it). In other words, there’s no point trying to massage a none existing ego.

Being indebted is not a crime. It becomes a disturbing crime when the debtor turns around to accuse the creditor of being stupid to have allowed the debt in the first place. But why? If you do not have the money to pay up what you are oweing, you should at least have good words of the mouth to pacify your creditors to begin with. Failure to do so amounts to ego massaging and it is tantamount to disrespect and the fastest way to become unpopular amongst his or her fans in time past.

“I’m sorry” timely said by a debtor to a creditor, could diffuse the tension in the mind of an angry creditor. “Oh, I know I am truly indebted, trust me, I have part of the amount with me; could you pls, accept this from me in the main time and hopefully, by so so and so time, I will make it up to you…” I think this is a more professional approach to servicing debts. Rather than invite the broad chested men in the camp to intimidate and harass the creditor that deserved to be handled with care.

He who works ought to be allowed to eat from the fruits of his or her labour. Let the labourers be truly worthy of the wages accrued to such labour. Let’s learn from the disposition of Pa. Aki, Pa. Oiwoh’s friend. Stop massaging your ego. It is only a sure way to prolong issues unnecessarily. For a debtor to retain his or her respect, respectfully manage the credit facility as well as the creditor: Soft spoken words of the mouth, sincerity displayed, and built-up trust, etc.

There is no point faking what’s not the case. “E never de, but this is what I have”, is a better deal than massaging none existing ego. Let’s stop this especially, you the debtor. Don’t hide under the guise that you don’t kill a debtor. You must remember that your creditors are also humans. Don’t take pleasure in seeing people suffer even after they have paid their dues. It takes only heavily Bewitched mind to do so.

To all creditors, pls pray that your debtor will stay alive to pay up your debts. Also pray that by the time your debtors paid up what they owe you, no devourer will know your dwellings. Amen? In the spirit of no one fights against the creditors irrespective of the position such debtors may occupy and prevail, I simply request that we learn from the relationship between Pa. Aki and Oiwoh of Eko-Umanku and be happy again by saying No to “Ego massaging”!

I come in peace.
Those who buy on credit and refused to pay, makes the seller to see it near impossible to sell for genuine and trusted credit Worthy persons. And those who assumed the duties of defending the debtor unsuccessfully, always remember that it is not in one location that the white part of the sky could be seen. Nothing last forever.

Just thinking…@ AAUE… and Salaries not in view? May we not be overwhelmed by our debtors.

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