[Opinion Post]: Edo State PDP; A Party Currently Sitting On A Keg Of Gun Powder – Comrade Gbale Joseph.

We have watched the political imbroglio that have bedevilled the ruling People’s Democratic Party in Edo State for a period of Sundays, and so many political pundit have wondered why this issues which ought to have been settled internally have degenerated into this level; that if urgent and responsible step are not taking, we will be having another Zamfara  State situation in Edo.

I have listened and read the position canvassed by both factions in defense of thier stands as to why they think the party primaries election conducted by either of thier faction is legal and legitimate. But, in all these, the position of the law is explicit and unambiguous, only that both parties have decided to play the Ostrich while expressing a very high level of greed and ego and making it a case of  “if market nor let you sell, na to sell am throw way”.

While the camp loyal to the State Governor are of the argument that it is Political Parties who conducts Primary Elections and not INEC; of which they are not wrong. The Dan Orbih faction have also based thier argument, that it is the Primary Elections which was monitored by INEC that is legitimate. Looking at that too from the Provisions of the New Electoral Act, they too are not also wrong. As the new electoral act clearly Spells out how Party Primaries Should be conducted by Political Parties, however, the argument by both factions can only be seen as half truth, and following the Court Case instituted yesterday by Hon Mathew iduoriyekemwen which the Court has compelled the PDP and INEC to show cause why the Court should not order them to accept and recognize names of Candidates that emerged via primaries conducted by PDP National Working Committee (NWC), this move has further left the Party on harm’s way.

This is What will Happen.

1) The NWC will appear before the Court and they will tell the Court that they were actually the ones that conducted the Primaries which brought about the Plaintiff

2) Also, INEC will appear before the Court, but they will be telling the Court that they were not part of the process that brought about the Plaintiff and they never monitored the Primaries which made him the candidate of the PDP.

3) In Delivering is judgement the Court will site section 84(i) of the Electoral Act which is the Document on which all the parties are relying on and it States that 84(i), A Political Party seeking to nominate candidate for Election under this Act shall hold Primaries for aspirants to all elective positions which shall be monitored by INEC, and as such any candidate that may have emerged without meeting this criteria or followed this process of nomination is therefore Null and Void and the case will be dismissed. And same thing will happen to the Dan orbih Faction by the time their own case moves through the Appelate Court and eventually gets to the Supreme Court. Then the BAD NEWS is that Edo PDP will be fielding no candidate for the forth coming House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senatorial Elections, giving the APC a free ride and the both Parties will be The Losers.

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