Praise Facilitate Fulfillment of Prophecy, Pt. 2A – Pastor Benjamin Ifeanyichukwu.

Praise hasten God’s word to come to pass.

What is Prophecy?
Every statement of the scripture is define as a more sure word of prophecy (2nd Peter 1:29). Every believer have access to the word of prophecy. That means, everything that you get out of the bible is not permitted to fail. Ordinary prophecy may fail, but the more sure word of prophecy can never fail.
God’s word is a sure prophecy (Isaiah 34:16; Matthew 5:17-18).

Gods prophetic agenda for every believer is as contain in the scripture. If you want to know anything about your life, your business, your destiny, go to the scripture (Isaiah 29:11-12). So many have miss what God has for them because they fail to read the book (Acts 20:32). The book is where every plan of God for your lives lies.

However, to see prophetic word fulfill in our lives, we must believe and receive the word. The word of God is like a seed (Luke 8:11). Untill you receive the word, it can’t produce for you (Luke 8:15).
You must believe it also (Luke 1:45), and then put the word to work.
The word of God is not for debate, it’s for practice.
You must continue to water the word of God in your heart.

How do we water the prophetic word?
Your praise is the water for the prophetic word. The more water you put in your seed, the more it blossom.
Your praise is the fruit of your mouth (Proverb 13:2). It takes the word in your mouth to water the word in your heart to produce fruit.
You don’t stop watering your seed, you keep consistence in your praise to see fulfillment.
Just keep praising God. Ask yourself, have you praise God to see your blessings come down to you.

There are inheritance God had ordain for you and me.

What are the inheritance God has for you?

1. You have a glorious destiny (2nd Peter 1:3). A destiny of colour , a destiny of beauty, and not for shame. The more you know Him, the more you enjoy.

There is a place God is taking you to (Romans 8:29), He has made you to operate in the class of God. Wherever you are today is not where God want you to be, what you are going through should not deter you to where God is taking you to.
There is a colourful destiny for you, you will get there.

2. You have a destiny of health and wholeness (Isaiah 53:4-5)
You have be redeem to enjoy health and vitality. He took your sickness, so you can enjoy healthy life (John 10:10). He came for you to have life.
From today, sickness will not have a place in your lives again, It will no longer be found in your body (Psalm 103:3). The same way He forgave all your sins is same way He heals you.
More and abundant, means you have an overflow of healthy life.

3. You are redeem for strength (Ephesians 3: 16). Strength and vigour is what God has for you.
Receive strength, you need it to do exploit (Daniel 11:32).

Pastor Benjamin Ifeanyichukwu.

In order to stay healthy and strong, you must constantly feed on the word (Proverbs 4: 21-22; Psalm 107:20).

How do I stay Healthy?
1. Speak Health (Psalm 34:13; Proverbs 18:31; Joel 3:10).
2. Serve God (Exodus 23:25).

What are the characteristics of prophetic word
1. Every prophetic word believe and received, keeps us in every prophetic agenda (Habakkuk 2:2). It keeps us running towards divine agenda.
Every word that has gone ahead of you, run with it, don’t relax.

2. Every prophetic word believe and received allay all fear.
Prophetic word kills fear (Psalm 29:4).

Your praise must go up first, for you to see your blessings come down.

This year God will settle you, there shall be showers of blessings.


Unveiling The Blessings Embedded In Praise – Pastor Benjamin ifeanyichukw

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