Praise Facilitate Fulfilment Of Prophecy, Pt 2B – Pastor Festus Omoregie.

It take only the redeem to discover who they are

There are so many facilitator of prophecy, but praise is more vital, and potent (Psalm 67:5). No one praise God genuinely and remain the same. One of the greatest way to draw God into your affair, is to praise Him and do it with understanding.

Understand that praise is what you do when you don’t know what to do for a change of situations (Proverbs 3:6).

Many of you are good in shedding tears over situation, turn it into praise and see God take over.

Understand that the bible is our spiritual mirror to navigate the affairs of life, and nothing destroy a man like his level of mentality in the word. Go for the word, to know your true identity.

Your Heritage in Christ include:

1. A glorious destiny

Once you are redeem, things begin to change and things begin to accelerate in life. No man or woman can stop a glorious destiny; when God says it, He will bring it to pass.

Don’t be discouraged when you are face with challenges, don’t give in to the challenge you see today. Anyone that carry the seed of destiny will always face challenges, just know that the enemy are targeting (Romans 8: 29-30).

Understand that your destiny has been planned by God, you are only walking through it.

Jesus Christ is the word of God which is the sure word of prophecy.

This chapter of your life will be taken away, this page will be turned (Isaiah 53:5). Have that mentality that everything has been paid for you by redemption.

2. Believers have been redeem for wisdom. This kind of wisdom is not by age, no one can gain say or withstand it. Wealth is good, power is good, but wisdom is better.

What is this Wisdom?

No matter the knowledge you have, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it (Job 28:1-28). The wisdom to speak, and how to speak. You must understand that Power is good, but divine wisdom is profitable.

Check anyone who fails to operate in wisdom, they are not crisis free. One of the characteristics of divine wisdom is peace. Wisdom doesn’t compromise, it doesn’t pervert justice, it doesn’t respect any man.

3. You need strength from God, to carry on. Call on God for strength and He will renew you (Psalm 105:3). Allow the word of God to be your master guide and you will not miss direction (Habakkuk 2: 2-3).

The reason we are not afraid as a believer is because we have received the word, and we carry it.

Pastor Festus Omoregie


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