Walking In Dominion Over Sickness And Diseases – Pastor Benjamin Ifeanyichukwu.

What does it mean to work in Dominion over sickness and disease?
It means living a sickness free life (1st John 5:4). You are born to overcome sickness and disease. The end time church is ordained for dominion (Psalm 110:1). That’s why the scripture says sit, and the siting position is a position of enthronement. They may not like you, but they can’t displace you. In the midst of crisis and situations, you will be ruling (Psalm 110:2).
The siting position is a position of rest, but it takes weapon to make our rulership a reality.

It take a rod. We are not fighting physical battles even though we live in a physical world. (Ephesians 6:12).
It takes the rod to rule, so don’t despise your weapon (Exodus 4:17). It’s not enough to have the weapon, you must put it on (Ephesians 6:11-13).

Diseases are not only physiological, there are also forces that are behind them to stay longer.

Examples of some spirit that is behind Sickness and Diseases
1. Unclean spirit (Matthew 8: 16-17; Mark 1: 23-26).
2. The spirit of insanity. Behind every madness, there is a spirit.

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The power in the Holy Communion over Sickness and Diseases.

The disciples knew how powerful the communion was, and they engage it daily (Acts 2:46). Even Jesus asked us to partake of the communion daily (1st Corinthians 11:23-26), so it must be taken frequently.

What then are the content of the Communion (John 6:23; Mark 14: 22-24). There are two main content, the first is the flesh and the second is the blood (Matthew 26: 27-28).

What is in the flesh that guarantee our healing.
1. The flesh is likely to be the rod of Aaron for healing (Exodus 7:12). It’s the miracle rod that swallows up any negative force.
2. The flesh represent the miracle meal that neutralize any form of poison.
3. The flesh is the new testament manna that destroys any form of weakness and feebleness (Deuteronomy 8:3; John 6:58).

What happens when we take the flesh?
1. It open our spiritual eyes (Luke 24:31). It opens your mind to begin to operate in the manner of Christ.

What is in the blood?
1. In the blood, we partake of the nature of Christ that is immune to sickness and disease (John 6:54). It’s a vaccine that keeps you healthy.
2. In the blood, we share the same blood group with Christ, that empowers us to live above sickness and diseases (John 6:57)
3. The blood is likely to be the White blood corpuscle of man, The blood is not only for defense, it’s also for attack.

How do you benefit from the Holy Communion?
1. You must be born again
2. You must also believe (Romans 4:23)
3. You have to be individual
4. Disregard your feeling
5. Respond by faith


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