3 Major Reasons The Presidential Election Tribunal Court Upheld President Tinubu’s Victory

The Presidential Election Court upheld President Titinubu’sictory for the following reasons:

  • The court rejected the opposition’s claims of electoral fraud. The opposition alleged that there were widespread irregularities in the voting process, including ballot box stuffing, vote buying, and intimidation of voters. However, the court found that the opposition had not presented sufficient evidence to support these claims.
  • The court also rejected the opposition’s claim that Tinubu was ineligible to run for president. The opposition alleged that Tinubu was not a Nigerian citizen and that he did not have the required academic credentials. However, the court found that Tinubu had met all the legal requirements to run for president.
  • The court say Abuja (FCT) is just as other State without special status.

The court’s decision to uphold Tinubu’s victory was met with mixed reactions. Some Nigerians welcomed the decision, saying that it was a victory for democracy. Others expressed disappointment, saying that the court had failed to address the real problems with Nigeria’s electoral system.

It is important to note that the court’s decision is not final. The opposition can still appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

However, the Supreme Court is rarely known to overturn decisions of lower courts. Therefore, it is highly likely that Tinubu will remain in office as Nigeria’s president.

President Bola Tinubu

The over 12 hours of judgement which was televised live showed that Nigeria’s democracy is getting stronger and better. The details of judgment read by the judges were on the bases of facts, evidence, proof, findings and settled legal principles and their conclusions.

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