It is imperative you start preconceptional care as soon as you are getting ready for marriage.

Planned pregnancy usually have better outcome than unplanned pregnancy.
Hence, preconception care is the provision of biomedical, behavioural and social health interventions to women and couples before conception occurs.

Those who got married recently congratulations, I wish you marital bliss, but don’t forget to see your doctor for preconceptional care.
He will place you on folic acid, this will help you have better eggs and help your baby brain to develop, preventing Neural tube defects.

Most times, those who get pregnant aren’t aware they are pregnant until after 4weeks of gestation, this defect occurs at about 3weeks of gestation.

He will place you on iron drugs as many pregnant women suffers anaemia in pregnancy resulting in very bad pregnancy outcomes.

You will be screened for untreated gonococcal infections as research as shown that 35 percent of women with untreated gonnoccocal infections results in low birth weight, some become blind and 10 percent endup dead.

Many ladies who are infected with gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted infections are unaware until when they get screened for their antenatal, unfortunately many won’t register for antenatal until 6months of pregnancy.

In 2010, 58,000 babies died from Neonatal tetanus, hence it is important you get vaccinated for tetanus even before you get pregnant.

Many pregnant women suffers candida in pregnancy, hence, your doctor will screen you and ensure you get treated for candida before conception occurs, pregnancy induced candidiasis is very discomforting

In summary, the advantages of preconceptional care includes the following;

1. Reduce maternal and child mortality
2. Prevent unintended pregnancies
3. Prevent complications during pregnancy
and delivery
4. Prevent stillbirths, preterm birth and low
birth weight
5. Prevent birth defects
6. Prevent neonatal infections
7. Prevent underweight and stunting
8. Prevent vertical transmission of HIV/STIs
9. Lower the risk of some forms of childhood cancers
10. Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life.

CREDIT: Dr Precious Omokhefe

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