Understanding How Praise Facilitates Fulfillment Of Prophecy, Part 4 – Pastor Emmanuel Aikpokpo.

God is passionate about praise, he desire our praise (Pslam 67: 5-7).

Prophecy is he unveiling of God’s plan for his people, Nation. There is what to do for Fulfillment of every prophecy.

In Romans 4:17-19, God spoke to Abraham and he (Abraham) was not weak in faith, but rather he kept praising God to see the fulfillment.

You must anchor on right prophecy, never run with a wrong prophecy (Jeremiah 23: 27-29). Every prophecy from God gives you peace and rest (2Peter 1:19-20).

Praise is the fertilizing ground where prophecy spring forth.

Characteristics of Genuine Prophecy.

1. It carry’s inbuilt capacity for fulfillment (Luke 1:34-35).

2. God speak according to what He will and can do (Isaiah 14:24).
God speaks according to his greatness not your thought or imagination.

What are the proof you have received a prophetic word.

A. Every prophetic word engraces you for kingdom service (1 Corinthians 15:58).

B. Prophetic word received, keep the zeal of the lord burning in you (Pslam 69:9, Pslam 119:46).

Through praise, you bring Prophecy to pass

Hezekiah brought it pass through praise. (Isaiah 38:1- 4, 18-20).

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