Understanding The Blessedness Of Prayer And Fasting – Pastor Emmanuel Aikpokpo.

Fasting is not to proof points, fasting is not to make men know (Isaiah 58: 4-11). When you fast you come out better and not come out bitter. 

Fasting brings supernatural light which enhance your health and makes you live right for God. 


What Happen When You Fast?


1. When you fast God take over your battle (2 chronicles 20:4).

Battles are real, they can come from anywhere. You carry Glory and the devil is on a mission attacking men with Glory.


2. Fasting enhance access to divine guidance (Psalm 23:1).

The Lord is a great teacher, He guide’s believers to perfection (Isaiah 58:11; Isaiah 48:17-21). 

You must understand that, whoever leads you determine where you go to. The leading of God should be your desire daily.


3. Fasting engender divine health. 

There are many sickness that can’t be detected (Isaiah 59:19). Sickness is a flood, and fasting raise up a standard against such.

The scripture says the Earth is full with wickedness (Job 33: 21-23).


4. Fasting secures posterity (Pslam 22:30). Fasting is serving God (Luke 2: 35-36). 


5. It empowers fulfillment of prophecies (John 5: 35).

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