Engaging The Power Of Faith For Fulfillment of Prophecy, Part 2 – Pastor James Echoga.

Prophecy are God’s agenda for an individual, people (Deuteronomy 18:21-22; Ezekiel 12:25).

Faith is your absolute trust in God without looking at any other source.

God speaks to you via prophecy through 3 major way.

1. His word (2 Peter 1: 19-20).

You must give attention to Prophecy for it to come to pass in your life. Every word of God concerning you is sure to come to pass (Isaiah 34:16). When God speaks, His spirit enter into it.

2. Personal encounters with God.

Example of Men who encountered God:

Abraham (Genesis 12: 1-3).

Moses (Exodus 3: 7-9)

You must believe God to take you to that place he has shown you.

Saul (Acts 9: 4-5).

3. Through God sent Prophet (Matthew 10:21).

It’s takes Faith to see Prophecy fulfilled, build your faith.

How Powerful Are Prophecies?

1. Prophecy carries inbuilt power for fulfillment.

God speaks according to His divine capacity to do it (Isaiah 55:10-11).

God spoke to Abraham and he (Abraham) stargger not at the promises of God (Hebrew 6:15). Mary believed when he encounters God (Luke 1:35).

2. God speaks according to His integrity (Titus 1:2).

Only men can change, God cannot lie (Romans 3:4; Habakkuk 2:3). God’s word is supreme and supercede everyman suggestions.

It takes Faith to provoke the hand of God, by all means build your faith.

Focus on God, because with Him all things are possible (Matthew 9:29).

How To see Prophecy Fulfilled?

1. You must give yourself fully to the demand of Prophecy (Psalm 126: 1-6).

There is always a demand to be attended to, for the testimony to come.

In Luke 5:3-5, Jesus gave Simon instructions which he did obeyed and experience an abundant harvest.

2. You must speak faith filled words (Psalm 82:10).

Constantly declare what you want to see over situations and circumstances without any doubt. Declare with your eyes focus on God.

3. Be expectant (Hebrew 12:1). Let’s your faith not fail, be hopeful.

God’s words are true and sure, there may be delay but wait for it.


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