Moral philosophers, depending on their orientation and understanding of what philosophy itself is, have defined it in various ways. While the Analytic school members for instance, defined Ethics as a branch of philosophy which helps us to clarify moral terms and concepts. For them, ethics does not provide us with means for moral reformation. Rather, it is seen as a way of eliminating linguistic muddles in our discussion on moral issues.

Hitherto, however, the ancient thinkers like Socrates and Plato had characterized ethics as the branch of philosophy, which teaches us amongst others, how to live a good life (life of virtue) in the society. Examples of moral virtues in the light of the above definition include but not limited to: prudence,temperance, fortitude, justice, chastity, courage, truth, honesty, etc. A negation of any of the above is regarded as a vice.

To say that ethics emerged at a time when there were profound upheavals in human relations and at a time when most world societies moved towards a higher level of civilization, is simply stating the obvious. Hence, morality and being ethical came to be identified as a specific form of social conciousness. Here comes the scientific touch in ethics and ethical related matters; it examines the rational for human actions especially such actions that are delibrately entered into by man, the moral agent.

The philosophy of “Bontus” or “Ikebe” addiction is a technically coined title chosen to reflect the core issue herein thought out against the background of the expected end result for every action succintly called, the consequence of the action as it relates to those who takes pleasure in pursuing extra “Bontus”.

By way of a reminder, there’s no Samson born of a woman that sleeps on the laps of Delilah and expects to wake up in Abraham’s bossom. Its consequence is expensive. “Ebe no lenlen, ole gbe Ebhe” (That sweet thing that the goat sees as unavoidable, will sure kill the goat untimely). Being chaste is taken seriously among morally refined people, religion or not.

Sadly, we live in an age and time where the paternity of a child or children supposedly born within a marriage relationship is being threatened. Its no longer news that DNA tests is dominating the online space in recent times. What’s up? “Bontus” matter and people will not learn. Gay related issue is a matter for another day.

There is trouble in the land. There’s also a way out. Learn from the mistakes of others. That’s the way to go. In Esan yesteryears, it was commonly said that when a man dies and such is tracable to his moral bankruptcy, the approved way to mourn such is simply to whistle! Hmmmm. (Ulele, are vio-Okpia no Okhuo gbele).

Consequentialism is an ethical postion that holds the view that every action has its consequence. The holy book says that whatsoever a man sow, the same he will reap… Are you sowing into “Bontus”? Listen to my class captain’s instruction and be advised accordingly.

Do you know that the moment you allow everything about you to be concentrated on your manhood by seeing “Bontus”, your brain stops to function well? Don’t you wonder why the owner of “Ikebe” ends up giving you commands once you are over taken by the spirit of “Bontus”? Hmmm. Be careful ooo.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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