[SEX]: Simple Step To Solve Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction.

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Whenever couples find it difficult to experience arousal, pleasure, orgasm, it is term sexual displeasure and this has caused lots of marital distress and even impact on quality of ones life.

Sex is that fire that drives the pleasure in most marital homes, so it is number one cause of pyschological, marital distress with unfufilling sex life (Althof SE. Quality of life and erectile dysfunction. Urology. 2002; 59:803–810).


1. Erectile dysfunction

This is one of the common cause of sexual dysfunction in men even in the 16th and 17th Century, the likes of Muhammad inn Zakariyyah Razi, thanks bin Qurra, inn Al-jazzar and a host of others wrote comprehensively on erectile dysfunction and the Chinese went extra mile to even approach erectile dysfunction with acupuncture and herbs.

Hence, erectile dysfunction is a sexual arousal disorder where by the penis remains soft and unresponsive to stimulus, some even attain partial erection for some seconds and it falls back just before penetration.

A researched carried out by A. I. Olugbenga-Bello et al. and published by Nigeria Postgraduate Medical Journal in 2013, found out that 43.3 percent of Nigerian men suffers erectile dysfunction though most of the correspondence were between 20 to 29 years.

The causes of erectile dysfunction today includes.
1. Hardening of arteries (artheriosclerosis) i.e excessive fries and fatty food
2. Neurological disorders such as those who had strokes brain tumor etc
3. Stress, conflict between partners, depression etc.
4. Penile trauma or previous pelvic surgeries such as relieving of priapism.
5. Diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.
6. Alcoholism, smoking obesity and other sendentary life style.

2. Premature Ejaculation

Sometimes men tend to suffer this either due to excessive excitement hence they ejaculate even before penetration, excessive stress, depression conflicts amongst couples, chronic ilnesses alcholism and excessive usage of sugars sweeteners have been shown to contribute to premature Ejaculation.

Watching of pornographic materials and fatansizing about porn actors have also shown to cause premature Ejaculation in men addicted to pornography.


The commonest cause of sexual dysfunction is inability to attain orgasm, this could be as a reason of frustration from poor sex performance from the male or dried vagina due to inability to get aroused or medical conditions where by the bartolins glands are infected.

However, some men even attain erections and do not early ejaculate yet their spouse obviously refused to attain orgasm, this she may need a psychologist to help out.

sometimes man suffer ED because of a non caring and nagging wife but attains full erection with Cynthia outside, it’s pyschological!

Some women have messed themselves up prior to setting down with their husband and have subsequently attained orgasm with their previous sex partners hence, causing marital rift when the new partners do not beat the record set by their previous sex partners, she will also need the service of a psychologist.

Painful sex.
Women also suffers from poor sex due to painful sex, either due to inability to get lubricated or the vagina excessive contract a condition know as vaginismus this problem is becoming frequent due to increase patronage of kanya mata.

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, brestfeeding and menopause has also contributed to painful sex.

For the male, psychological discuss with your partner and couples should never be judgemental, reduce the stress activities, reduce eating of sugar, control your blood sugar and blood pressure reduce intake of salt.
Engage in exercise such as cycling and jogging.

Then never rush Sex!!!
Treat any underlying diseases.

For the female, don’t kill the ego of your husband tell him how you want it, don’t keep quiet in sex!!!
If not getting adequate lubrication get a non reactive lubricant like KY JELLY.

Discuss your problems and encourage him to see his doctor if need be he will be placed on erectile dysfunction drugs, such as tadalafil.

I will not go explicit in explaining how to last longer in bed.

You cannot run with great speed carrying water in a cup without it spilling before getting to your destination.

A happy home gets happy sex.

CREDIT: Dr Precious Omokhefe.

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