Natural Ways To Overcome Malaria.

Malaria still remain a health challenge in some developing countries and some in the verge to eliminate the disease.

Malaria is prevented by avoiding mosquito breeding near your or biting you. Malaria is treated with appropriate drugs too, but your immunity also determines how you manifest symptoms and how you recover from the illness.

Staying in a clean environment and eating healthy and balance diet before and during illness can help you get back to your feet.

Eat cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish (stew), chicken (soup/stew).

When you have fever, Coconut water, Sugar cane, fruits and natural juices (calorie demands go up during fever).

Kindly avoid taking too much fat, as this can aggravate your nausea and make digestion difficult, avoid excess coffee and excess fiber so it doesn’t impair digestion and aid diarrhea.

When you generally adopt a healthy balanced diet rich in micronutrients with minimal intake of processed foods, you boost your immune system to fight not only malaria but other diseases.

Your immunity becomes super and even if you fall ill, you do not end up with complications!

And malaria is not to be treated every week as some persons claim.

If you treat it every week, you should be asking yourself:

Is it malaria I am really treating ?
Do I want a re-test?
Are the drugs effective?
What’s wrong with my immunity?

Am I eating right and getting enough activity?

CDC states that it takes 7-30 days to develop malaria after a mosquito bites you depending on what type of malaria parasite infects you.

So, why are you treating malaria every week?

It’s either it’s not malaria OR

Your drugs are fake OR


Your immunity is in a mess


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