Complete Step To Write An Acceptable Research Proposal At Ease – Michael Oraebosi PhD.

A research proposal is a written document stating a research intent for scientific or academic purpose. A very good research proposal must have a clearly defined title which is concise but clear enough to elaborately capture what the research is all about. Every good proposal has several ingredients that make them comprehensible and acceptable.

1.Introduction: Every research proposal starts with an introduction. It briefly talks about the literature in your selected research area, highlighting the identified gap(s), and the possible questions your research seeks to address.

2.Research Questions: These are questions you are curious about. What exactly does the research seek to address? What questions will your  research/thesis will provide answer to?

3.Literature Review: Highlights what has been said by other authors. Literature search must be extensive so that it includes everything that is known within the subject under research. A good literature search must be able to identify gaps that need to be addressed by the new research. This also may prevent unnecessary repetition of the same research.

4.Research Methodology: What methods will you use to carry out your research? Qualitative, Quantitative, Comparative? etc. What are the primary and secondary sources used for the research?

5. Study Plan: How long will it take you to conclude your research? The study plan should contain a detailed stepwise approach of the entire research process, stating what will be done at every given time. This is important to help the researcher plan adequately. Furthermore, a properly drafted plan helps another researcher to replicate the research using similar timing pattern. This is especially important for researches which must be carried out within a particular season of the year and at a specified time of day.

6. Conclusion: What do you expect to come out of this research? What is the relationship of your findings with the research hypothesis? The conclusion should clearly highlight the major expected findings of the research with possible recommendations and suggestions for further studies if need be. For a research proposal, care must be taken to leave the conclusion as objective as possible to avoid bais that may arise during the main study.

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