[OPINION POST] EDO 2020: I Have Great Doubts In My Edo People – Destiny Onolemhemhen.

There’s something you can’t take away from Gov Obaseki and his government and that is the fact that he brought some sanctity with some good sense of belonging to Edo and her people and he is also not your everyday Nigerian politician and also lacks the sweet talking political mouth.

There is also one thing u can’t take away from pastor ize iyamu, and that us the fact that he is a deeply rooted, well grounded and well schooled Edo politician. He is the good representation of the Nigerian everyday politician (the very good one) with a sweet talking mouth.

Now, I wait anxiously to see the side Edo falls for bearing in mind that Edo is a state in Nigeria whose societal roots, unfortunately, is enshrined in politics and dishonestly.

Gov Obaseki winning the election will be Edo state setting the stage for revolutionary switch from field in politicians to fielding technocrats while pastors victory affirms the fact, sadly, that Nigeria is still Nigeria and Edo is one state in Nigeria.

I see only one senatorial district committed to making the difference but even within that district the establishment of our political roots is still showing largely in least expected quarter’s.

I have great doubts in my Edo people haven’t monitored elections in Edo over the years. I however have no doubts in my uromi nation and a little confidence in he rest of esan but will that be enough????

Most threatening is that fact that at the center of power in the country (the federal government) it has been business as usual (corruption and electoral malpractice) since inception.

Will Edo state make therefore resist, against all odds, and bring about the required transition the country seeks or will it end as the Nigerian business as usual.

We pray and hope for the best for Edo state and Nigeria at large. We pray God intervenes firmly in the activities of Nigerian leadership.

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria, my country.

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