Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary to Bishop David and Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo – Church Gist.

Today brings us a rare and great opportunity to celebrate you as our parents in the Lord and of many more millions too.

We thank God for all His blessings on you these 38 years.
Thank God for lovely and God-loving children and grandchildren.
Thank God for a peaceful home.
Thank God for a global ministry.
Thank God for divine health and strength.
Thank God for the gift of men.
Thank God for legacies that will stand the rest of time.
Thank God for the example you are to us.
Thank God even for envy from envious quarters.
Thank God for rest on every side.
Thank God because ‘He is too faithful to fail’.

We pray God continues to guide you and strengthen your hands.
We are celebrating the 38th with you today, we will celebrate your 76th wedding anniversary in Jesus name.
Like you always bless us, we pray too that you will never know a better last year.
Congratulations Sir and Ma and God’s Multiplied Blessings.
From all of us at Church Gist.

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