Understanding How God Leads – Pst. Emmanuel Aikpokpo.

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God leads by His word, He leads by instructions and by His Spirit to our spirit. God leads everyone (Pslam 23: 1-2). The leading and guidance of God is a vital key to our glorious destiny.

The worst thing that happen to a man is to be confused, a confused father will derail the family. 

How far you see will determine how far you can go. When you look down your speed is slow, when you look far your speed is fast (Genesis 13:14-15).

Destiny in the kingdom is as far you can see (Jeremiah 1:5,10). What do you see about your family, how you see is the problem not what you see. “What Seest Thou?”.

We have a destiny of no limit in Christ, but we can only move from one place to the other by following the leading of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).


1. Through the influence of the Spirit (Romans 8: 15-16). The Holy Spirit give us true guidance through the weakness of our spirit.

2. Engage the Prayer of Enquiry (Jeremiah 33:3). In the journey of life there is need to make enquiry (Pslam 32:8).

Biblical Proof Of Being Led by God

1. Supernatural Zeal (Philippians 1:19;21. Jeremiah 20:19). 

2. Divine Protection (Joel 2:7). Where God leads you to, He’s there to protect you (Exodus 23:20). Where God leads you, there is an Angel on assignment.

All round rest is the will of God for the redeem (John 10:10). 


Understanding How God Leads – Pst. Julius Owobu.

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