Engaging The Power of Faith For Fulfillment of Prophecy – Pastor Emmanuel Aikpokpo.

Engaging the power of faith for fulfillment of Prophecy is essential for every believer victorious living.

You are where you are, by your level of knowledge and faith in God. The matter of faith is vital to see the fulfillment of prophecy.

How Powerful Are Prophecy?

1. God speaks according to His unlimited wisdom and not your limited insight (Pslam 104: 24).

Ecclesiastic chapter 11 and verse 5 speaks about Gods wisdom and His capacity and emphasized in Job chapter 38: 4-6.

2. God speaks according to His unlimited resources not your scarcity. Don’t consider where you are now, look up to God.

Man by nature has scarcity of resources but only God is the all in all (2 Kings 7: 1-2).

By faith, declare what you want, rejoice in the word of the Lord (Luke 1: 45-46).

How does faith facilitate fulfillment of prophecy?

1. A faith that will see prophecy fulfilled must be sustained to the end. Though it tarry, wait for it; it will speak loud at the end (Hebrew 10:38).

Faith gives you the desired patience to see the prophecy fulfilled

(Romans 4:21 John 8:39).

2. You must remain confident in the validity of the prophetic word (Hebrew 10: 35-36). If God said it, He will do it ( Philippians 3:3).

Pslam 46:10 shows how you prove you have confidence in the word of God. Keep thanking God for all he has said concerning you.

Philippians 4:4 says you must rejoice in the Lord.

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