Understanding Pathways To Godliness – Pastor Benjamin IfeanyiChukwu.

The way to profiting is the way to Godliness, and the way to loss is the way of ungodliness. If you don’t want to suffer losses, you must live a Godly life (Romans 6:3; Proverb 8:3).

What is Godliness?
Godliness is behaving like God, it’s representing God. Remember, we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and filled with all needed to live a Godly lives.

There is a pathway to Godliness if you must follow the Lord (Isaiah 35:8).

Scriptures speaks on the cost of ungodliness as seen in Ezekiel chapter 18 verses 20-24.
Nothing of value is free, if you want to leave a godly life, it’s at a cost.

Godliness is not what we believe or what we claim, it’s what will do and what we do is what validate what we claim.

The Cost Of Ungodliness

1. Ungodliness blocks our access to answers in prayers (John 9:31). When you live in sin you are blocking God from hearing you and if God does not hear, will He answer (Isaiah 59: 1-3). There is a big danger in living an unholy life (Habakkuk 1:13; Psalm 66:18).

If you keep sin in your heart, you have displace God from your heart. Remember, sin can be in your heart and not seen in your hand, and until you please God you are not entitled to answers.

2. It’s stir unrest. Sin in your life invites trouble (Hebrew 12:15). Rest is simply quietness and peace. Righteousness is what gives all round peace and assurance (Isaiah 32: 17).
The only way to be out of unrest is to return to Jesus.

3. It’s block access to Revelations. Revelations is understanding divine secret (Proverbs 1:3). Wisdom is limited by impurities. There is a place for the truth and fact in the scriptures (Psalm 82:7), and the truth is accessible by Godliness.

The Demand of Godliness:

1. A heart of Repentance. When we are ready to repent genuinely, God is ready to let’s go (Ezekiel 18: 21). You have a responsibility (2nd Timothy 2:20).

2. Propose to live a Godly live. Be determined to say no to sin (Daniel 1:8). What are you known for, be ready to resist sin (Hebrews 12:4).

3. Watch and pray with fasting (Matthew 26:41). It’s not by might, and prayer will take you from sin or sin takes you from prayer.

Prayer will infuse Godliness in you, it is communion with God. When you run away from prayer, you run into sin. Satan is looking for those to bring down in sin. (Luke 22:32)

4. Stay on the word (Psalm 119: 9). Let the word be your compass.

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