Understanding Pathways To Godliness Pt. 3 – Pastor Julius Owobu.

Godliness profitable in all things and God cannot tell us what He has not empowered us to be (1st John 5:3). Jesus lives in you and give you power to please the father (1st Peter 1: 15-16).

Without holiness no one can see the Lord and He has empowered believers through the ministry of the holy spirit. God is not trying to make you a robot or deny you good things of life, rather, He’s doing his part to preserve you via holiness.

The Cost Of Ungodliness ?
Don’t follow the crowd, for there’s a cost for living unholy.

1. It block access to supernatural breakthrough. We all want breakthrough, we all want open door, but the key is holiness.

2. Its destroy destiny (Proverbs 16:18). Those things the devil bring your way is to trap you, he is aware you have a glorious destiny and will want to truncate it. Even Jesus the Christ was tempted by the devil and offer things that would have ended his ministry on earth.

3. It’s block access to live eternity with Him (1st Corinthians 6:9). Our goal is to reign with Christ.

The way out to Godliness is Repentance. When you hear His voice, don’t harden you heart. Repent, turn away from it and make a decision like Joshua did to serve the Lord.

The Demands Of Godliness
1. You must crave for the spirit of holiness (Matthew 5:6). Hunger and thirst after righteousness and you will be filled. Be on your toes, not entertaining sin, not living in sin.

2. You must continue to engage the power of the blood (Hebrews 9:14). Jesus offered his blood once and for all.

You have to stop evil thoughts in order to stop evil acts. Guide what’s in your mind per time, don’t allow unfruitful things in your mind.


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