[2020]: 5 Ways To Soar And To Make The Best Of The Year.

Thinking of how to fly in 2022!!

Towards the end of 2021, I felt a need to stay off social media and restrategize on how far I’ve been able to actualize my goals in 2021.

I made a careful analysis of what worked for me, what did not work, and how to avoid the loopholes. It then dawned on me that if 2022 must be different, then there are things that MUST BE DONE AS A MATTER OF URGENCY!

2022 promises to be a year of greatness. It promises to be a year of prosperity, spiritually and otherwise.

2022 promises to be a year of relevance and honor.

It’s a year of new things. A year where men and women you least expect to rise will rise.

A year where things would be so easy for some and hard for others. It will be easy for others because they can’t apply their minds to things that work.

2022 is a year of sudden pleasant surprises,
but for you to experience all of these and many more you must do the following:

1. The first thing you must do this year is to have a timetable for learning. Oh yes, you can only be ahead of others via what you have learned to do.

2. You must consciously plan yourself for this new year. When Joseph knew that there would be a famine for seven years and plenty for seven years, what did he do? Of course, he made plans for the future. He consciously deployed every means available to make sure that when the famine comes, his people will not be affected. In this new year, make plans.

3 The third thing you must do this year is to cultivate better relationships with people, online and offline. The relationships we build with people can be likened to currency exchange. When you have meaningful relationships and have invested in their lives when the waters of life come pouring, these relationships will be your lifesaver.

4. In this brand new year full of opportunities, be eager to share your knowledge. There are things you have learned that you probably feel everyone else knows, but you will be surprised that most people don’t know it.

5. Be willing to go the extra mile in whatever you choose to focus on in this new year.

Last but not least that would help you soar in this new year, have a working relationship with GOD. With this, you can be sure that the sky is just your starting point.

Chinaemerem Ogbuaku.

You are gold and you deserve to be seen. It’s a new year, let your golden nature emerge.

CREDIT: Chinaemerem Ogbuaku, a Writer and Brand Strategist.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty images.

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