There came a time, when some dedicated men and women took a decision to build a formidable society, with strong institutions, and they forged a great nation. They sacrificed their time, their labour, their finance, and intellect, to ensure they brought to life what started as a vision.

Against all odds and in the face of many hurdles, they never looked back.

This nation is what is known today as the United States of America. The world looks up to America today, because men and women, like you and I, stood up to be counted.

Dear Owan Delegates, I bring to you an opportunity to be part of history making and to be engineers of rebirth.

Let us build for ourselves a great and enviable Constituency. So that our children can have an inspiring story to tell their children about our joint efforts.

The time has come for you to be daring and selfless. To venture out of the narrow corridor of recycling politicians without a thought for the progressive world around us.

I offer myself as a son and servant, whom you are sending on errand, to meet the mounting needs in our Constituency.

Put your wisdom, your experience and expertise behind me and guide my energy and passion towards a beautiful Owan Nation.

Let your vote speak to a new day.

Let your vote chart a fresh path.

Let it be said of you that when Owan needed fresh legs to run the race, you were party to the turning point in our history.

As you vote, let your conscience be free and your decision gallant. So many have sold their votes in the past, which has brought no meaningful development to the constituency.

It has become clear that you cannot sell power like a goat to the highest bidder and expect progress and good representation from the buyers of your conscience.

Take a decision to be the change maker today.

We may not have the money to throw at you, but what I am assuring you is a reputable and decent life and future where you wouldn’t be waiting for politicians to meet up your needs.

You can’t continue to be slaves to politicians with money bags and endless greed. Surely there should be an end, and the end has come at this time.


Vote me, your Son, Brother and humble Servant, Elabor Joseph Agbebaku to represent your interest at the Green Chamber, and be listed among History Makers of this generation.

A’oaye ✌️

Warmest regards 🙏


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