Unveiling The Blessings Embedded In Praise – Pastor Benjamin ifeanyichukwu.

There are blessings that are packed in praise, there are things that begin to happen as we praise God (Isaiah 51:11). 

What then is Praise?

Praise focuses on God; for who God His, and not just what He has done. Our praise should focus on seeking His face, not just His hand. Praise is simply the celebration of the personality of God. 

The Psalmist in (Psalm chapter 34:1-3) show us what it means to praise God. There is a due praise we must give God for being God (Exodus 15:11), He deserves it all.

You must understand that, we all must make time out to praise God in our homes at all time. 

Praise focuses on the efficacy of what is written, and not what is happening (Psalm 56:4;10)

Praise is when you have discovered what is written about you, and you celebrate the assurance that His word will never fail. Praise is when you celebrate God for who He is, and His word for the efficacy to make it happen.

That is why we Don’t just praise God for what has happened, but also what will happen (Habakkuk 3:17).

How Praise provoke divine intervention?

Divine intervention is God stepping in the affairs of men. Divine intervention is the Miracle act of God.

The environment at which God intervention takes place is Praise (Psalm 22:3). If you want to see God in action, just begin to praise Him (Psalm 68: 24-25). The doings of God are found in praise (Exodus 15:11), He steps in the atmosphere of praise to do His strange acts.

What to expect when we praise God?

1. Your enemies are subdued (Psalm 8:2; Matthew 21:16).

2. There shall be a release of strange favour (2nd Samuel 6:14;21; Acts 2:47).

Praise is key to favour. And what is favour?

Favour means to be chosen, it gives you what money cannot buy. Favour was what was at worked in the life of Joseph in the prison.

3. Expect the release of your fearful blessings (Psalm 67:7). When you praise God, He puts the earth under pressure to release your blessings.

4. There will be returns of our seeds sow (Joel 1:11-12). When we begin to praise God, our harvest is released (Proverbs 13:14).

It takes your personal praise to provoke our personal blessings (Psalm 34:1).

Pastor Benjamin Ifeanyichukwu.

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